In Uganda, “summer” camp doesn’t happen until December, when the children's school year ends. From December 6 through 9,

COTN-Uganda children went to camp to have fun and get closer to God.


Thank you for joining the team of people who made camp possible for children in Uganda! The donations you and other sponsors gave through

our special Easter card fundraiser earlier this year provided the resources needed to make summer camps a special time for the children.

The camp theme was “Fan the Flame,” inspired by 2 Timothy 1:6—“For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you

through the laying on of my hands.”

Students dove deep into their relationships with God during camp, even taking a spiritual gifts survey.


                                                            Children participated in worship and prayer time.



                               Girls get their “game faces” on—like any good camp, this one had plenty of fun games.



                                                      There was also plenty of tasty, nutritious food.


Students learned about using their unique gifts for God and participated in small group discussions after large group teaching.


                                              Some children even took a step of faith and were baptized at camp.




Older students appreciated Uganda’s natural beauty and hiked a mountain together.


Thank you for sharing God’s love with children in Uganda and helping them reach new spiritual heights!