Thank you so much to everyone who made summer camp possible for our children in Sierra Leone! 
Your sponsored child had a blast playing games, worshipping, dancing, and learning about God. 
The theme verse for camp was Luke 2:52: “And Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature, and in favor with God and man” (ESV). Camp highlighted the four aspects of
holistic care and how Jesus grew mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially. We want the children to know that this is God's plan for them too!
Camp at Mokpangumba village was filled with soccer! Soccer is one of the favorite pastimes of our children in Sierra Leone, and everyone was excited to play.

                                                                 Everyone in Sierra Leone gets excited about soccer!
And every child received nutritious food.



                       One of the camp lessons was about the story of Abraham and Isaac and God’s test of Abraham’s faith. 
                                               A child shows off her coloring page of Abraham and Isaac on the mountain. 
Hawa, one of the children who attended camp, says she learned about obedience and faith in God. “God asked Abraham to sacrifice his only son Isaac. He obeyed without asking
questions. He never accused God of being wicked or unjust. I also learnt God can do anything at any time. God provided a sheep to take the place of Isaac.”


                                             Betty, one of the children who attended camp, learned about not being angry.


Betty learned about the story of Moses’s anger in response to the Israelites worshipping the golden calf. “I learnt that we should not act out of anger. We should not
be angry with our friends or parents because anger will lead us to regret.”
And Fatu sums up what we hope all the children will learn from camp. She says, “I learnt that Jesus as a child did not steal, he did not disobey his parents, he did not lie, he
listened to big people, and he was full of wisdom. When I go home, I will do like Jesus.

                                                          Henry is one of the students who went to youth camp.
At youth camp, students also learned about the story of Abraham and Isaac. Henry says, “One of the things I learnt about is faith. I learnt that Abraham had faith in God when he
[received] the message that he will be a father of many nations even at his old age. God was faithful to Abraham by fulfilling His promise. God tested Abraham’s faith by asking
him to offer his only son Isaac as sacrifice. Abraham proved to God that he has faith in Him. I learnt that if you put your faith in God, He will never let you down.”
The youth also learned about David and how God worked in his life. Henry says, “David was a man after God’s heart not because he was righteous but [because] he takes responsibility
[for] his actions whenever he sinned. We too need to take responsibility for our actions and ask God to forgive us.

                                                   No camp is complete without some singing and dancing to worship our Lord.
Check out this video taken during worship time at one of our camps!


        It's only because of your help that we can put on summer camp for our children each year. Thank you!