Thank you for sending your sponsored child to camp! COTN–Uganda doesn’t hold its “summer” camps until December, during the school break. We will share photos and stories from those camps as soon as they are available.

But what your child does experience during the summer are COTN–Uganda's Center Days.
During Center Days, the community is invited to the COTN campus to hear presentations from COTN staff and children, play games, and eat a delicious meal.

This summer, we held two different Center Days. Venture teams from Bara Church and Compass Church got to experience (and participate in) the activities.


                                        Many of the children presented at the celebrations, showing their community what they've learned.





                                         Some of the students presented a science experiment, demonstrating different types of soil.



                                                                    Of course, no celebration is complete without a delicious meal.


                                                As you can probably tell, dancing is an important part of Center Day.

In the video below, COTN–Uganda children are performing a traditional dance. (Dance is an important part of helping the children stay connected to their culture and their community.)


And here's another video with Venture participants from Compass Church having bit of a “dance-off” with some of the students (Pastor Brandon Beard shows off his dance moves). This isn't from the
Center Day celebration, but it was too much fun not to share!


Thanks to your support, your sponsored child can experience enriching activities like Center Days. Stay tuned for updates from camp in December, and thank you for sponsoring!