“Before COTN, my day was not too happy,” Patricia says. She lived in the Shebuma Faluwo Chiefdom in Sierra Leone with her aunt,

who couldn’t always afford food or school fees for all the children in her care. When Patricia could go to school, she spent the rest of

her day in the market to make money to pay for school. If it was a good day, she could eat two meals. This was her life until she was

seven years old. 
Then, because of your giving and God’s grace, COTN changed her life. 
                                                                        Patricia when she first entered COTN.
“The first time I entered into COTN, the first thing I liked about it was the family I found myself in.”
COTN gave Patricia an education, a family, and access to God’s love. “Before now, I knew nothing about God, nothing!” she says.

Now I can read; I can teach Sunday school and share God’s love with other people.” 
Sponsors like you allowed Patricia to attend school without worrying about money or food. She discovered that she loves biology, and now

she’s on her way to becoming a medical lab technician! “COTN has shown me how to love,” she says. And she plans on sharing that love

by bringing medical care to the poor, the widows, and the orphans of Sierra Leone.
                                                                    Patricia recently graduated from secondary school!
Patricia brings God’s love and compassion wherever she goes. COTN–Sierra Leone’s liaison, Mark Drennan, remembers Patricia’s time

volunteering at their health clinic. 
“Her work . . . was really sweet to see. . . . She would go along with our clinic nurse and help provide emotional support, holding a sister’s

hand and encouraging and praying for her.”

                                                           Patricia worked hard volunteering at her local health clinic.
Patricia’s love for God and passion for medicine are helping her help others. 
When asked what her hope is for her future and her country, she says, “As a transformed child, I would like to transform others.” 
Patricia’s story proves that when sponsors like you change a child’s life, you can also change a nation.