“We feel that God placed Los Robles in our view, and it’s a path we’re all very willing to follow,” says Pat Minnesang, COTN partner and member

of Presbyterian Church of the Master (PCOM).

Years ago, PCOM made the decision to develop a deep relationship with COTN, and in particular, the community of Los Robles in the Dominican

Republic. Today, these COTN children and families have become part of this Southern California church.


                                                   PCOM members support Los Robles both in country and from the US.

“Everyone has a connection with COTN in some way,” Pat explains. She serves on PCOM’s missions committee as COTN liaison, which means she shares

COTN updates with the church and organizes all COTN events, including Venture trips, SmilePack drives, sponsorship drives, and meal-packaging events.

PCOM members Neil and Cinda Slate sponsor four children and say meeting those children is “no question, hands down” the most meaningful moment of

their whole experience. “It’s like meeting a second family you know you had but you’d never seen before,” says Neil. “We took our sponsorship

very seriously. We went into it planning to be in it for the long haul, whether it was a couple years or a decade.

Neil and Cinda have helped the families of Los Robles in many ways, from hosting a fiesta to building latrines. They say the time and energy they’ve spent

there is more than worth it.



The close relationship between Presbyterian Church of the Master and the village of Los Robles has created a sense of family between church members and the children they’re helping.

Although not everyone at PCOM is able to travel, Pat brings the Dominican Republic to them. She regularly shares pictures, videos, stories, and updates.

“We are constantly trying keep COTN in view,” Pat explains. She says these updates and personal testimonies from members who have served in the Dominican Republic are powerful: “We can see what’s happening with the money we donate.”

“It’s more than a partnership; it’s come down to a personal relationship,” Pat adds. “I think it’s brought us all closer together.”

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