We know how important it is to find a meaningful gift for Mother’s Day, but finding the perfect gift is hard. 

There are so many children who need love and care, so why not give a gift that will change a child’s life? You can give your mom an unforgettable gift and make a difference this Mother’s Day! 

We have a few gift options we know she’ll love: 


Feed 250 children

For just $25, you can give 250 children a healthy meal. When a child is hungry, it’s hard to concentrate on anything else. But when a child has enough food, they have the energy to focus in class, play, and be kids. Feeding children is an immediate way to change lives and make an impact. 


Give 20 children an annual health exam

You can give 20 children an annual health exam for $50. This will prevent children from getting sick and give them the care they need. Exams are a great way to make sure a child is healthy and protected. 


Give a family a goat

 For $78, a child’s family can have a goat that will provide nutritious milk, fertilizer for crops, and help the family make an income. For a family living in poverty in Africa, a goat is a valuable gift. 

Show Mom how much you love her by giving a life-changing gift this Mother’s Day. We promise you she’ll love it!


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Check out these gift options and so many others on our catalog. Thank you for being a part of our mission to raise children who transform their nations. 

Happy Mother’s Day from Children of the Nations!