Originally posted 06/22/2018.
Three-year-old Pablo* might not be alive today—or be able to see—if it weren’t for you. 
Pablo lives in a poor village in the Dominican Republic. His family can’t afford regular doctor visits and medications. Instead, Pablo relies on the kindness of you and Children of the Nations to keep him healthy. 
Pablo struggled to breathe and could barely sleep. He needed surgery, and his parents didn’t know what to do. 
                  Pablo and other children from impoversihed villages in the Dominican Republic only have life-saving medical care because of your support.
That’s where you stepped in. A medical team—supported by your generous giving—was prepared to perform the surgery.  
The doctors were operating at the clinic you helped build, and things were going well at first. But toward the end of his surgery, Pablo’s heart rate and breathing changed. He was getting worse, and fast.  
When the team checked Pablo’s fever, it was 108 degrees. He was suffering from a rare reaction to the anesthesia. 
                 The doctors had no reason to believe Pablo’s surgery would be anything but ordinary—until his temperature wouldn’t stop rising.
The medical team rushed Pablo to the hospital, where doctors were able to stabilize him, but they were afraid he would have lasting consequences and maybe even brain damage.  
When he woke up, their fears were confirmed—Pablo was blind. 
Three weeks passed while everyone prayed for Pablo. And God did something incredible in Pablo’s life. The little boy regained his sight!
God used you and the clinic you built in the Dominican Republic to save Pablo’s life!
It’s a miracle that Pablo is healthy and recovered his sight. Because of the medical care you provided, Pablo can breathe easily and can get a full night’s sleep. He made a full recovery, and now he can enjoy the childhood that God intended for him. 
Your generous donation made all of this possible! You helped build the clinic and supported the medical team. Thank you for playing your role in saving Pablo’s life!
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*This child’s identity has been changed to protect his privacy.