For Taylor*, a teenager growing up in poverty in Haiti, the medical care she needed was always out of reach. She’d be rushed to the hospital barely able to breathe and with severe pain in her chest. Every time, she’d leave not knowing what was wrong with her. 

But then, Taylor became part of Children of the Nations. Miss Magalie, the nurse for Children of the Nations–Haiti, recognized that Taylor might have sickle cell anemia. She referred her to a local doctor where she was able to get an official diagnosis and a treatment plan, which Miss Magalie has helped oversee for Taylor. 

Your generosity means children like Taylor have a clinic they can go to when they are sick and a team who will make sure they get quality care. But your impact doesn’t stop there.  

Growing up, Taylor had no hope she would complete high school—her frequent hospital visits meant she was missing school. But today, Taylor is now in nursing school! She wants to become a nurse just like Miss Magalie.  


Dave at his graduation this year.

In the communities where we serve, going to university is a rare opportunity, let alone going to medical school. But right now there are 8 Children of the Nations students studying to become doctors, 1 studying to become a dentist, and 20 studying nursing. Then you have students like Dave.  

Dave grew up in poverty in Malawi, but thanks to you he was able to go to school and study audiology in university, where he was one of the top students in his class. When Dave graduated this year, he became part of the first group of audiologists to graduate in Malawi! 



Thank you for giving Taylor and other children like her the opportunity to receive the medical care she needed. Your generosity is helping to raise up young people like Dave, whose passion for medicine is making a difference in the lives of others! 

*This child’s name and photo has been changed for their privacy.