Every time Josie* went home from school, he was there.

When he began touching her, she didn’t know exactly why it felt wrong, only that it was wrong.


But who could she tell? Most people here in Sierra Leone don’t talk about these things.

Josie went to the Emotional Care Program at Children of the Nations (COTN), where topics related to sexuality and abuse were openly
discussed. She realized that her gut was right, that what was happening to her was not OK.

Josie also realized there were safe, caring people she could talk to. She received counseling and was paired up with a female mentor to
help her through her trauma.

Today, Josie is no longer living in an abusive situation! Her emotional scars are healing.

In honor of International Women’s Day (March 8), will you help more #GirlsRiseUp to overcome trauma, by providing counseling and
emotional care?




You can help by starting your own fundraiser. (It’s easy!) Every $50 you raise provides a counseling session for a girl like Josie. 
You can also give directly to provide the emotional care children need to overcome traumas like sexual abuse or the death of their parents.

Whether you give directly or start your own fundraiser, your generosity is giving girls the tools they need to grow into healthy, happy
women who are ready to transform their nations. Thank you!


*This child's name and location have been changed to protect her privacy.