Over the past several decades, many people have grown skeptical of charities—and it’s because of stories like this: 


It’s not hard to understand why people are skeptical. Who wants to give their money away if they don’t how it’s going to
be used?  

That’s why it’s so important to do your research before you give. There are tools you can use to find trustworthy charities:
Charity Navigator
ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability) 
Organizations like this help donors make informed decisions about the charities they donate to. They help donors know who
to trust. 
At Children of the Nations, we take financial accountability and transparency seriously. We know we can’t just expect people’s
trust—we have to earn it. That’s why we’re so proud to have received Charity Navigator’s highest rating of 4 stars for the tenth
year in a row.
Charity Navigator bases their ratings on financial health, transparency, and accountability. There so many great organizations
out there, but only 3% of the charities they evaluate have received 10 consecutive 4-star ratings. 


At Children of the Nations, every donation matters and goes towards raising children who transform nations. It is so important
to have effective organizations you can trust, but we can’t get anything done without generous people who want to make a difference. 
It doesn’t matter how old you are—you can help change the world!

When we partner with amazing donors like these, that’s when real transformation can begin. 
Here’s what that transformation looks like:
• Janet’s family couldn’t afford to send her to school—she couldn’t go to school regularly until she was 12 years old and became a part
of Children of the Nations. But thanks to the support of her sponsors and her determination, Janet became our first student from Uganda
to graduate with a teaching certificate!
Janet now teaches at our primary school in Uganda!
• When Patrick’s father passed away, he became an orphan at nine years old. But when he joined Children of the Nations, he
found a new family and was inspired to pursue a career in law and justice. Last year, he graduated from university with a
B.A. in law, and he was just accepted into law school!  
Patrick wants to fight corruption and advocate for justice in Sierra Leone.
• Growing up, Carolina desperately wanted an education, but every day of her life was an effort to survive. But after becoming a
part of Children of the Nations, she was finally able to imagine a better future. Carolina is now giving back to her community and
helping children who grew up much like she did. Today, she is our Village Partnership Director in the Dominican Republic. 
Carolina’s dream is to become the first female mayor of her community!
• Like many other young men in the Dominican Republic, Salomón thought playing professional baseball was his only path out
of poverty. But when he became a part of Children of the Nations, his sponsors made it possible for him to get an education
and dream about careers other than playing baseball. Today, Salomón works as a doctor for our clinic in the Dominican Republic! 

Salomón works as a doctor for Children of the Nations!
When you give to Children of the Nations, you can give with confidence, knowing we will stretch every dollar and pinch every penny
to help children rise up out of poverty and transform their nations. 
But we aren’t just asking for a donation. We are asking you to become a part of the Children of the Nations family. 
“We want your heart,” says Chris Clark, founder and CEO of Children of the Nations.
So many of our generous donors are also volunteers. We send about 450 people to our countries every year (excepting the COVID-19
pandemic). Many volunteers have served in advisory roles and volunteer positions, put together meal packages, packed shipping
containers with resources to send to the children, and so much more. 
There is truly a role for every person who wants to make lasting, meaningful change in children’s lives. 
We have seen time and time again the difference these donations make, whether people are giving their resources, time, or expertise. 
With a commitment to financial integrity and the help of generous donors, nations are being transformed!
Click here to learn more about our commitment to financial health, accountability, and transparency.