If you sponsor a COTN child in the Village Partnership Program (including the I Love Baseball Program), there are some

important changes coming to your sponsorship this spring. We know how much you love your sponsored child, and we’re so

grateful for your continued partnership.


After talking with our in-country staff in February and March 2018, it became apparent that the cost of food, education, medical care, and resources

has been rising in the countries we serve. As a result, we need to make a modest increase in the monthly investment for sponsoring a child in

order to continue meeting the children’s physical, educational, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Starting May 1, the monthly investment for sponsoring a child in the Village Partnership Program will change from $32 to $36 a month,

so we can continue providing the children with a high level of care. Annual donations will change from $384 to $432.

If you sponsor a Village Partnership Program child and you give by automatic withdrawal, you don’t need to change anything. Your

sponsorship payments will automatically update starting in May 2018. If you give by check, we ask that you please make this change beginning

with your May 2018 donation.

You should receive a letter in the mail about this change soon. If you have any concerns or questions, or if this change presents any challenge for you or

your family, please call us at 360-698-7227 or email sponsorship@cotni.org before April 24.





How much of my monthly donation goes to the children?
Eighty-five percent of your sponsorship donation goes directly to help the children. COTN is a 4-star rated organization on 
Charity Navigator and we strive to be the best possible stewards of your donations.


Can I stay at $32 per month?

Yes. Please call us at 360-698-7227 or email sponsorship@cotni.org before April 24.


I give annually. Will you charge my card for the difference? 
If you give annually, your next sponsorship donation after May 1, 2018 will be for the new amount of $432. There will not be
any additional charges to your account.
I give annually. Can I send in a check for the difference? 
Absolutely! The difference is $4 a month until your next donation.


For other sponsorship-related questions, please visit our FAQs for Sponsors.


Thank you for your continued partnership, prayers, and understanding as we seek to do what is best for the children. Your love and compassion

have brought so much joy to your child’s life!