Do you remember World Water Day last year? On March 22nd, you stepped up to make sure children in poverty had the clean water they needed for drinking, washing their hands, sanitation, and more.

Every year, World Water Day is a chance to talk about the importance of clean water and how it impacts our lives on a daily basis. Over 800 children under the age of five die every day from diseases linked to unsafe drinking water, poor sanitation or poor hygiene, according to the United Nations. Roughly two in five schools worldwide have no water or soap for students to wash their hands, according to the United Nations.

At school in Uganda, our students were facing a problem. With not enough restrooms and more than 400 students, the students had to wait in long lines and were losing time that needed to be spent in class.

"Waiting by the door way was an inconvenience for us because the one inside as you have to do everything in a rush in order to leave space for the next person outside," said Ruth, a 16-year-old at Marani Honors High School.

But last year for World Water Day, you did something incredible. You answered the call and your generosity made it possible to build a brand-new latrine, directly helping to improve their hygiene and sanitation.

Since July of last year, the secondary school students at Marani Honors High School now have privacy and easier access to a restroom.

“The toilets will improve on the turnaround time in between the breaks… Now more time will be saved to concentrate on studies,” said David Otto Ekwang, our education director in Uganda.

“The girls’ toilet will greatly add to their health and hygiene since the four new toilets will allow for more accessibility and convenience,” said Alal Isaac, the director of studies at Marani Honors High School.

Because of your response to World Water Day 2022, students have better access to a latrine and a place to wash their hands. The separate restrooms give more privacy to girls and boys and help avoid bathroom lines so they can spend more time in the classroom learning and studying.



"There are now enough toilets since the newly constructed one has 8 doors and there are no lines and waiting by the doorway. Everyone takes their own time while inside and there is no rushing anymore," said Ruth.

"The new toilets have given us enough privacy as ladies because now we no longer share with the boys," she added.

Thank you for helping students have a more comfortable experience at school so they can pursue their goals and rise up out of poverty!

If you’d like to give children clean water for this World Water Day 2023, you can make a difference here.