Children of the Nations is monitoring the path of Hurricane Irma as she makes her way through the Caribbean. Please check back
here daily for updates.

10:30 a.m. PDT, September 12:
After Hurricane Irma passed over the Dominican Republic, our in-country staff visited the villages and handed out mosquito nets. They
also taught the people in these communities about using the nets and preventing mosquito-borne illnesses. With a lot of standing water
in the villages after the recent rains, mosquitos will be breeding and the chances of diseases spreading are high. These resources will
help prevent that danger for our children. Thank you for giving to provide these resources, and for praying for our children!
As of 10:15 a.m. PDT, September 8:
Praise God, the effects of Hurricane Irma were not nearly as bad as we feared! The communities we serve in the Dominican Republic received
some rain, but nothing severe.
Our Dominican staff passed out food and water in the villages yesterday, and they'll be visiting the villages again today to further assess the
needs. They plan to distribute mosquito nets and train local leaders on the prevention of mosquito-borne illnesses, as there are now pools of
standing water where mosquitos like to breed.
COTN's ministry sites in Haiti also seem to have been spared the worst of the storm. Please stay tuned for more updates as they come in.
Thank you again for your prayers and support for the children we serve!

The villages we serve in the Dominican Republic received rain and wind, but overall the situation seems to be OK.
As of 10 a.m. PDT, September 7:
Irma is currently passing over the northern parts of the Dominican Republic and Haiti, bringing rain and wind throughout the two countries.
As of right now, the communities COTN serves are OK. However, we expect rains to increase later today, likely causing some flooding and
mosquito breeding grounds in the communities we serve, especially Algodon and Los Robles, which sit at low elevations.
COTN's in-country staff are preparing for the heavy rains by collecting and distributing supplies, including food, clean water,
tarps, and mosquito nets. If you would like to donate to these efforts, you can do so here.
We are also putting together a list of people with medical and construction backgrounds in case we need to send a team to help with recovery
efforts in the coming weeks. If you have a background in construction or medicine, and would like to be on standby to travel to the Dominican
Republic or Haiti, please contact Sarah Clark by emailing
As of 5 p.m. PDT, September 6:
We expect heavy rainfall in the communities we serve in the Dominican Republic and Haiti, and possibly at our office in Orlando, Florida.
We are prepared to respond to whatever needs may arise in the communities we serve. Our staff in and around the Caribbean have action
plans and are bracing for the storm as we speak.
Please keep all the people in these areas in your prayers, especially the children.
We continue to pray that Irma will pass by without any serious damage. However, should Irma make landfall, we are committed to any recovery
efforts necessary for the children we serve. We will keep you updated as the situation progresses.
Thank you for your prayers and for standing with COTN's children and staff.


Some of the supplies the COTN-Dominican Republic staff are collecting to help with Hurricane Irma relief efforts.