Teaching through the Life on Life children’s curriculum wasn’t a natural step for Serge Joseph, COTN’s Village
Partnership Program coordinator in Haiti. When it came to Bible studies, the elementary-age children he worked
with were used to hearing sermons and lectures, not sitting in groups, hearing stories, and participating in
discussion or hands-on activities.
On top of this, Serge had relied on volunteers to run the children’s ministry time each day—and they usually came
with their own lecture prepared.
But thanks to partners like you, COTN is able to train our staff to better minister to our children. Serge
received training on David C Cook’s Life on Life curriculum and leading Bible studies for children.

COTN heard Serge's concerns and acknowledged his apprehensions about doing something new but asked him to give it a try anyway.
“Just try it for a week and let us know what challenges you might encounter,” COTN's spiritual care staff encouraged him. 
So Serge jumped in. 


Our children were not used to interactive lessons and discussions, but they quickly adjusted to the new style of Bible study.
Serge started with the first chapter: Creation. Using the book and the training he’d experienced, he explained to the children that
God created the whole world—and also them.
 He used the illustrations, shared key concepts and as he did so, he saw a dramatic
change in the way they responded. Serge offered them the opportunity to know and be known by this powerful, loving God, 
and the Holy Spirit moved in an incredible way that day. 

              Serge Joseph, COTN’s VPP Coordinator in Haiti, is leading life-changing Bible studies.
Twenty-one kids responded on that day, and in the past month, 10 more have prayed with Serge to accept Jesus.
“When we learned about Creation, the children really understood that they are so special to God,” Serge says. “In Haiti, the main
religion is Voodoo, so these kids do not go to church or hear about Jesus from their families.” 

Those children made a vital discovery that first week—they are created, and they are loved! And with that understanding
came the desire to love back in the greatest way possible: receiving the free gift of salvation. Praise God!
Serge has since visited the families of every child who has made the decision to follow Christ and connected them to local churches. 
“They have been going every week,” he reports. “Even though many of them don’t have nice clothes to attend church,” (which is an
important part of Haitian culture) “I have encouraged them to rely on God and ask Him for everything they need, and to go to church
even without nice clothes.” 


The David C Cook study materials are making a big difference and are helping children have personal relationships with God!
We’re so thankful for you and our partners at David C Cook’s Global Mission ministry for making this incredible experience possible! 
God is using you to change the future of Haiti.
P.S. You can give to our Spiritual Care Fund to help even more children receive this life-transforming cirruculum.