Fourteen-year-old Alice* lay sick in her home in a remote village, fearing for her life. She was in desperate need of a doctor, but in rural Sierra Leone, health care is hard to find.  
So you can imagine her overwhelming relief when a nurse from the Children of the Nations clinic showed up at her door. 
                         Your support made sure Nurse Comfort Sesay (left), known as Aunty Comfort to the children, could help save Alice’s life!
The appropriately named Head Nurse Comfort Sesay visited Alice, assessed her condition, and accompanied her and her family to the hospital. Thankfully, Alice made a full recovery!  
Because of you, Alice and children just like her in Sierra Leone now have the care of hardworking nurses like Comfort. 
Your generosity doesn’t just provide a nursing staff and medicine to sick children. You are also providing essential supplies that will keep children from getting sick in the first place.
                         These handwashing stations, sometimes called “Veronica Buckets,” are protecting children from preventable diseases. 
Handwashing may seem like a basic precaution, but many impoverished children don’t have a way to clean their hands. Thanks to your generous giving, the students at the Children of the Nations school in Sierra Leone now have handwashing stations that provide clean, running water and soap.  
So many illnesses, like diarrhea and pneumonia, can spread through personal contact. And in Sierra Leone, even simple diseases can be deadly. So handwashing with running water literally saves lives.  
                                        Thanks to you, the clinic in Sierra Leone provides life-saving care for children!
Without your generous support, the children wouldn’t have basic hygiene supplies like soap and running water. And without your support, Alice could have died because there wouldn’t have been anyone like Aunty Comfort to check on her.  
Because of you, children like Alice have the comfort and care they need to stay alive. Thank you!
*This child’s identity has been changed to protect her privacy.