1. What is the name of Uganda's capital city? 
a. Nairobi
b. Kigali
c. Dodoma
d. Kampala
2. Uganda has two official languages. One is English. What is the other?
a. French
b. Swahili
c. Zulu
d. Arabic
                                                          (Photo from Wikipedia, Public Domain)
3. Though the country is landlocked, Uganda is home to many beautiful lakes and rivers. What famous river starts in Uganda? 
a. Congo River
b. Nile River
c. Zaire River
d. Niger River

4. In Uganda, many people ride bicycles or motorbikes that are turned into taxis. What are these taxis called?
a. Vroom-vroom
b. Moto-moto
c. Tap-tap
d. Boda-boda
5. Which country does not border Uganda? 
a. Kenya
b. Rwanda
c. Malawi
d. Democratic Republic of the Congo 
6. Which food is a staple of the Ugandan diet?
a. Apples
b. Squashes
c. Plantains
d. Pasta

                                                              (Photo from Wikipedia, Public Domain)
7. Southern Uganda borders the largest lake in Africa. What lake is that? 
a. Lake Edward
b. Lake Victoria
c. Lake Superior
d. Lake Albert
8. Measuring in at about 93,000 square miles, Uganda is roughly the same size as what U.S. state? 
a. Alaska
b. Oregon
c. Connecticut
d. Ohio
9. Winston Churchill gave Uganda its official nickname. What name is that? 
a. Pearl of Africa
b. Jewel of East Africa
c. Africa's Banana Republic
d. The Great Lake Nation

                                                                    (Image from Wikipedia, Public Domain)
10. The Ugandan flag is black, yellow, and red. These colors represent the Ugandan people, sunshine, and brotherhood. At the center of the flag is
the national bird. What kind of bird is that?
a. Crane 
b. Rooster
c. Peacock
d. Eagle
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1–4 correct                       Still learning
5–7 correct                       Getting wise
8–10 correct                     Expert level!
1. d, 2. b, 3. b, 4. d, 5. c, 6. c, 7. b, 8. b, 9. a, 10. a.
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