. What does the name Sierra Leone mean?
         A. Lion Mountains
         B. Noble Desert
         C. Deep Riverbed
         D. Leopard’s Savannah 



2. The capital of Sierra Leone is Freetown, which has a population of about . . .
         A. 1 million
         B. 2 million
         C. 5 million
         D. 10 million

3. In the 18th century, the British sent freed slaves to Sierra Leone from . . .
         A. the Cayman Islands
         B. Jamaica
         C. Nova Scotia
         D. eastern Ghana

4. How did these slaves become free?
         A. Laying siege to the governor’s office until they were granted freedom
         B. Fighting for the British in the American Revolutionary War
         C. Slavery was declared illegal
         D. They united with the French to overthrow slave owners



5. Sierra Leone’s flag is green, white, and blue. The white represents unity and justice, the blue represents the harbor of Freetown, but what does the green represent?
         A. Loyalty
         B. Natural resources
         C. Perpetuity
         D. Freedom

6. The name Sierra Leone is . . .
         A. Latin
         B. Spanish
         C. Italian
         D. Portuguese

7. The “Star of Sierra Leone” refers to . . .
         A. Diamonds
         B. Anis Halloway, a Sierra Leonean singer
         C. Palm trees
         D. Titanium

8. Which of these is not one of Sierra Leone’s borders?
         A. Nigeria
         B. Guinea
         C. Liberia
         D. the Atlantic Ocean

9. Which country built Sierra Leone’s parliament?
         A. The United States
         B. Israel
         C. Great Britain
         D. Guinea


10. What historic symbol of freedom can be found in Freetown?
         A. The Cotton Tree
         B. A statue of broken chains
         C. The centuries-old St. Mark’s Church
         D. A well where freedom fighters gathered

11. What two people groups make up the majority of Sierra Leone?
         A. Hutu and Tutsi
         B. Zulu and Maasai
         C. Kono and Krio
         D. Temne and Mende


12. What is the most commonly spoken language in Sierra Leone?
         A. English
         B. Swahili
         C. Krio
         D. French

Scroll down to see how well you did!
1–4 correct                       Still learning
5–8 correct                       Getting wise
9–12 correct                     Expert level!
1. A, 2. A, 3. C, 4. B, 5. B, 6. C, 7. A, 8. A, 9. B, 10. A, 11. D, 12. C.
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