1. July 6 is Malawi’s Independence Day. From which European country did Malawi declare its independence?
     a. France
     b. Spain
     c. Belgium
     d. the United Kingdom 
2. What is a popular yet tedious game to play in Malawi? 
     a. Backgammon 
     b. Bao
     c. Chess 
     d. Mancala
3. While this instrument duo isn’t native to Malawi, it has gained a widespread popularity among Malawians.
     a. Guitar and banjo
     b. Voice and conga
     c. Cajón and guitar
     d. Banjo and trumpet


4. What does the rising sun on the Malawi flag represent? (Bonus point if you can guess what color it was briefly changed to in 2010.)
     a. Dawn of freedom and hope
     b. Unity between bordering countries
     c. Warm welcoming attitude of the Malawians
     d. Freedom and everlasting peace
5. Which of these is a favorite delicacy for Malawians?
     a. Crisped orange peels
     b. Ndiwo (a type of vegetable relish)
     c. Soured milk
     d. Chippie
6. John Chilembwe is printed on Malawian banknotes. He is most famous for. . . 
     a. spreading Christianity to Central Africa.
     b. being Malawi’s first democratically-elected president.
     c. leading the revolt against colonialism.
     d. escaping slavery and attending university.
7. Because of Malawians’ hospitality and friendliness, Malawi earned its nickname of . . .
     a. the Warm Heart of Africa.
     b. Rays of Light.
     c. the Sun of Africa.
     d. House on the Hill.
8. Despite Malawi being a small country, it is home to 400 kinds of this famous flower . . .
     a. lilies.
     b. roses.
     c. aloes.
     d. orchids.
9. What is Malawi’s favorite fast food meal called?
     a. Deep-fried bananas
     b. Chippie
     c. Nsima
     d. Crisped aloe
10. There are total of ___ languages spoken in Malawi, all of which begin with “ch” except English.
     a. 4 
     b. 8
     c. 12
     d. 20
11. What Stone Age relics are found in the central region of Malawi?
     a. Animal mummies
     b. Ancient rock paintings
     c. Stone statues
     d. Ancient coins and currency
12. It is very uncommon to find a woman in Malawi without this extremely versatile tool . . .
     a. chitenje.
     b. shweshwe.
     c. basket.
     d. ankara.
Scroll down to see how well you did!
1–4 correct                       Still learning
5–8 correct                       Getting wise
9–12 correct                     Expert level!
1. d., 2. b., 3. a., 4. a., 5. c., 6. c., 7. a., 8. d., 9. b., 10. c., 11. b., 12. a. (Bonus Question: White)