Sometimes, the best way to serve others is by doing the thing you love the most.
Fifi Dickey has been sewing since she was a child. She studied interior design and enjoys combining colors and patterns. “It relaxes me,” she explains. “I can pray while I’m sewing.”
In 2008, Fifi started Pioneer Quilters at Crossroads Neighborhood Church in Bremerton, Washington. 
Since then, Pioneer Quilters has made hundreds of quilts for missionaries, church members, cancer patients, and children across the world. 
Pioneer Quilters brings people together with a love of quilting and helping children in need.
Their quilts aren’t just beautiful handmade gifts. Even in Africa, it can get cold at night. Blankets protect already vulnerable children from the elements and create a barrier from germs and malaria-carrying mosquitoes. And each quilt is sewn with prayers for the child who receives it.
Quilts and blankets are precious gifts to the children who receive them. 
These quilts mean a lot to the children who receive them. And Fifi and her Pioneer Quilters aren’t the only quilters who make blankets for the children.
Michela from Sierra Leone recently received a handmade quilt from a woman who goes by “Grandma Ardy.” Michela says, “I appreciate and love the blanket given to me. With this blanket, I can sleep well and cover myself from heavy cold, as we will soon approach the raining seasons.”
 Fifi with one of the beautiful quilts she made.
Chief Resource Officer Dave Schertzer says these blankets are the perfect gift for orphaned and destitute children: “When we distribute the blankets, I tell the children that—just like a quilt—God has sewn them together as a family.
The quilts made by Pioneer Quilters aren’t just works of art—they’re stitched with love and prayers for the children who receive them.
Even if you don’t sew, you’ve helped send these quilts to the children. Without your support, we could not ship these essential blankets to the children who need them most. 
Thank you for wrapping children with protection and comfort!