You may have seen in the news that Haiti is facing more gang violence, unrest, and drastic increases in the cost of living. This week, the government announced a hike in fuel prices. Protests against inflation and instability are resulting in blocked roads and many Haitians are unable to go to work or leave their homes because of the violence.

Our Haiti Country Director Josue Deleon has an update for you about what is happening right now and how it is affecting the children we serve. Please pray for Haiti during this difficult time and for the continued safety of our children and staff.

If you want to help meet the urgent needs of the children in Haiti, you can give to help provide food, education, medical care, and the other essentials the children need. Your gift can help children in Haiti have access to the care they need during this time.


For the Children,

Chris Clark
CEO and Founder





Dear COTN brothers and sisters,

As the Country Director for Haiti, I wanted to reach out and share what is happening in our country right now, so that you can be in prayer with us.
Because of violent protests and blocked roads, it has been impossible for most of our staff to make it to the office this week. The few who had made it have taken huge risks for their lives as they had, on occasion, to run and escape since the protestors are so violent. For their safety, we have asked those who can to work from home. Those who live close are able to walk, and our center remains open to serve the children.

Thanks to God, we made the decision to store food, and the children are still being fed every day. Our nurse and head cook, even working remotely are doing all they take while the coordinator who is on site is following up with everything. At the moment, all of the children we serve in the two villages and Port-au-Prince are safe, but we ask that you continue to pray for them.

During the last 10 years the situation in Haiti has been so bad that the country is experiencing among its darker days in history. Yesterday, the price of gas doubled for us in Haiti. Can you imagine the consequences? This has made it very difficult for most families to eat, get to work, and simply survive each day.

We are grateful to all of you, friends, sponsors, staff, personnel, who have been making it possible for years to provide for our children, those who were hopeless but now can smile, be fed and taught, be cared for and loved. Because of you, our 113 children in Bellevue, 11 children in Port-au-Prince, and 50 new children in Sou Ray have hope and stability through these tough times. You have come to their aid and supported our mission in such a critical time. Thank you.

I am asking you all to pray for our country and our ministry, COTN-Haiti. Pray that God may touch our leaders’ hearts so that we may be able to keep serving our kids and provide for them, even through this hard time.

We know God will not leave us alone but we also know that prayer is our weapon.

Thank you for your love for Haiti.

Josue Deleon
COTNI Haiti Country Director


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