Giving Tuesday is a chance for people to come together and get involved in causes they care about. Although Giving Tuesday is celebrated just one day a year, the hope is to encourage people to be generous in their everyday life, whether that be through acts of kindness or volunteering at a local organization.

Created in 2012, Giving Tuesday has become a global movement where people can give to those in need, engage with their community, and celebrate compassion.

Giving Tuesday 2022 is on November 29th. If you want to get involved and make a difference this Giving Tuesday, it’s important to narrow down your options to which issues you care most about. There are so many causes to support, so it can be overwhelming when you look at all the options at once. Whether it be clean water, education, clothing, or health, choose a cause you are passionate about.

When looking for a nonprofit to support, use tools like Charity Navigator and GuideStar to find one that is honest about its finances and mission.

There are several creative ways to make a big impact during Giving Tuesday 2022:

• Volunteering
Volunteering your time and skills with an organization can help support the cause you care about and help you build connections with your community.

• Donating
 Donating funds or other resources like food and gently used clothing can help organizations make a big impact in people’s lives. Make sure to check out the organization’s website to see what specific items they need so your donation can have the greatest impact.

• Giving online
Giving online is a simple way to support a cause close to your heart. Sometimes a nonprofit will have campaigns with a matching gift, meaning your contribution will double in impact.

• Hosting events
Hosting or attending fundraising events are fun ways to learn more about a cause and meet new people with similar interests. Many organizations have simple steps on how to organize a fundraising event on their websites. If you would rather attend a fundraising event, social media is a great place to find local events happening near you.

• Use your voice
Talking to people about the movement, inviting friends to join, and posting on social media (use hashtag #GivingTuesday2022) helps start conversations about generosity and spurs change.

According to Giving Tuesday’s 2021 impact report, $2.7 billion was raised in the United States on Giving Tuesday 2021—a 9% increase from the same day in 2020! And the whole world was talking about it—there was social media activity in every country and territory in the world!

Seeing the global impact of this one day is inspiring. Let’s get involved this Giving Tuesday 2022 and be a part of a movement that’s making change happen!