Last year was an extremely difficult time for the people of Haiti. We will continue updating you as the situation develops. But thanks to your generosity, in the midst of all these challenges we are seeing incredible stories of hope and transformation. Below is an update for you on the start of school and the current situation from our Haiti Country Director:

Dear friends,

All of us working in Haiti are so delighted to update you and thank you on behalf of the children, staff, and the communities we serve.

As you may have seen in the news, the situation in Haiti right now is difficult because of the violence and unrest. Schools were closed because children could not get to school safely. Our staff is grateful to God that we haven't closed our afterschool and meal programs once during this time so we can continue serving children.

As of December, children have returned to school and we have finally opened our preschool in Bellevue! We have 23 children and are expecting more soon.



Thank you for your support in making a difference in the lives of the children we serve in Haiti. We value and appreciate your generosity. Your dedication ensures that the children we serve receive food, medical care, education, and have the chance to grow in their faith.

2022 was an incredibly difficult year for Haiti but your support made it possible for more than 200 children to attend school, eat nutritious meals, and be cared for every day—even when schools and other major organizations closed their doors. God is great and you are so generous! 

Thank you for everything you do to support the children we serve in Haiti. We pray God keeps blessing you all!


With love and gratitude,

COTNI Haiti Country Director

Even in the midst of the unrest and instability, you can help ensure children continue to be cared for every day. You can provide clean water, food, health care, and other essentials to children in Haiti during this time!

The Bellevue preschool in Haiti is providing crucial educational care to young children every day. You can help make sure that the preschool can continue serving the needs of the children!