Photo by Caitlin Schiffman


Even over a staff-wide Zoom meeting, you could sense the excitement of every person when Cheryl Cuthbertson’s promotion was announced. Encouraging messages of excitement from her team and coworkers flooded the Zoom chat!

Cheryl is now the new Vice President of Engagement and Sustainability at Children of the Nations, the international nonprofit headquartered in Silverdale, Washington. She heads into her eighth year of service with the organization.

“We're delighted that Cheryl is on our team,” says Chris Clark, founder of and International President. “She has helped Children of the Nations in amazing, strategic ways. Her ability has communicated to all of those involved with her that this promotion would benefit the children in greater ways. She's a joy to work with!"

With her new role, Cheryl will continue partnering with staff in Africa and the Caribbean to increase their community-led efforts and develop long-term sustainability projects. She will also continue connecting with donors and church partners, encouraging them to work with Children of the Nations and help transform lives in Africa and the Caribbean.

“Cheryl has a unique ability to problem solve across multiple work groups and is a proven, broadly respected, innovative, and hard driving leader,” says Paul De Pree, Chief Operating Officer.

Alongside in-country partners and staff, Cheryl has been instrumental in developing solar power and clean water well projects. Recently, she worked on funding for a solar project in Uganda, a clean water filtration system in the Dominican Republic, and expanding business and vocational training for students. These business programs allow students to build connections and access the tools needed to succeed after graduation.

“Engagement and sustainability are not just her title. It’s who she is and what she represents,” says Paul. “And it’s something we all want more of.”



After her promotion was announced at the meeting, Cheryl shared a few words of thankfulness and “gave all the glory to God.” She also expressed appreciation for her team and their hard work.

Since she was 5 years old, Cheryl said she knew she wanted to support people living in poverty.

“I’m living out my dream,” she said. “This is something I’ve always wanted to do and I can’t believe I get to do it every day.”

Children of the Nations provides clean water, food, education, medical care, and Christian mentoring to children in Sierra Leone, Malawi, Uganda, the Dominican Republic, and Haiti. Cheryl’s involvement with the organization has helped to further its mission of raising children up to transform their communities and nations.