Angelina knew she would have to work hard to achieve her dreams. She was born in Altagracia, an impoverished batey in the Dominican Republic. A batey is a shantytown originally built for migrant sugarcane workers. Within the batey, Angelina lived with her mother and seven siblings in a tiny house. 
Angelina studied hard and dreamed of getting a degree in nursing. She wanted to help people. As Angelina says, “I knew that I had a dream to fulfill.”
           Angelina wanted to go to college so that she could help other children from the batey.
But the obstacles in her way seemed too great to overcome. Her mother didn’t have any money for college. The family was barely surviving. 
And as if that weren’t enough of a challenge, Angelina’s home burned down. Twice.
After the second fire, Angelina’s family had no way to rebuild their lives. With no place to live, no food, and no money, Angelina couldn’t focus on her studies. Her dream of college seemed beyond impossible. 
                         Houses in Altagracia, like Angelina’s, are often made of wood—making fire a huge risk.
But that’s when you entered Angelina’s story.
Because of your generosity, Children of the Nations could give Angelina’s family food and help them rent a small house.
With a roof over her head and food in her stomach, Angelina studied hard and graduated high school. And then you went one step further. Your support of Children of the Nations’ University/Vocational Program will help Angelina achieve her dream.
Soon, Angelina will be going to university and studying to become a nurse so she can help other children born in the batey.
                         Thank you for helping Angelina pursue her dream of going to college!
Without you, college would have been impossible for Angelina. But because of your help, Angelina’s hard work and kind heart have been rewarded. And as you know, educating hardworking young people like her is the best way to help whole communities escape poverty.
Because of you, Angelina says she has “hope and certainty that I will be a great nurse for my community.” 
Thank you for giving Angelina a college education and helping her rise up from the ashes.