Join us as we look back on 2017 and celebrate the wonderful things you’ve done in children's lives!
2017 was an eventful year. Two major hurricanes swept through the Caribbean, three of our graduates from
Malawi traveled across Africa to teach in Sierra Leone, children in Uganda showed their passion for education, and so
much more. Here are nine Instagram photos from 2017 that you responded to the most: 
1. Two Hands Make a Heart

"For God is not the author of confusion but of peace." — 1 Corinthians 14:33a
2. Praying 4 You


This picture is of our children in Africa praying for those in Hurricane Irma's path.
3. First Day of School in Uganda


Our kids were super excited for the first day of school in Uganda! (Click to see the adorable video.)
4. Rebecca in Sierra Leone


#WorldTeacherDay was October 5. We are so blessed to have many amazing teachers in each of the countries we serve. ⠀
Last year, three COTN graduates—Promise, Sarah, and Rebecca (featured here)—from Malawi traveled across Africa to teach at COTN's school in
Banta, Sierra Leone. Just the fact that they are Malawian women with university degrees makes them exceptional. But it's their courage and their
hearts for service that make them truly remarkable.
5. Dominican Republic Prayers

Our children in the Dominican Republic! The storm missed them, so they focused their prayers on our Florida friends!
6. Hurricane Irma

Thank you for all your prayers for COTN children and staff during Hurricane Irma and for closely following our FacebookInstagram, and Twitter 
accounts for updates.

7. Hurricane Update 
Praise God, the effects of Hurricane Irma were not nearly as bad as we feared! The communities we serve in the Dominican Republic
received some rain, but nothing severe. 
Our Dominican staff passed out food and water in the villages and distributed mosquito nets to prevent mosquito-borne illnesses from
the pools of standing water where mosquitos like to breed. 
8. Malawi Children Praying 

Everyone loved this Sunday post of Malawi children praying.
9. Nature in the Dominican Republic 

God is clear and present in this place. In the children we serve, in the life change going on around us, and in the beauty of
this island. He is faithful to show up each and every day! 


Thank you for partnering with us in 2017, and we look forward to the beautiful memories we will make in 2018!
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