A doctor, a pilot with a prosthetic leg, and an Olympic skier—the Wise siblings never cease to amaze us.
Jessica Wise, the doctor, worked as a volunteer with Children of the Nations for over 10 years! She started as a COTN intern
in the Dominican Republic and had a clear passion for the Caribbean. She was in Haiti after the devastating 2010 earthquake,
helping with our relief effort. And when she became a doctor, Jessica brought those skills to our clinic in the Dominican Republic.
She's been a tremendous asset for our children, helping COTN's medical staff as well as the doctors and nurses who come on
short-term medical teams.
                                  Jessica (right) and her twin, Christy (left), work with amputee children in Haiti.
Christy Wise, Jessica’s twin, is a pilot in the Air Force. She lost her right leg above the knee in a paddleboarding accident in 2015,
but that hasn’t stopped Christy from doing the things she loves. After losing her leg, she wanted to help others who had also experienced
losing a limb
Several children Jessica met in the Caribbean, including some who were injured during the earthquake in Haiti, were amputees who needed
prosthetic limbs. She and Christy decided to start the One Leg Up On Life Foundation (OLUOL), dedicated to providing prosthetic limbs to
child amputees in need. OLUOL has visited Haiti three times, and they’ve given some COTN children the support and care they need
to live without a limb


                              Christy helps one of COTN's children in Haiti adjust to living with a prosthetic limb.
David Wise is Jessica and Christy’s younger brother and an Olympian. He's won gold in men’s halfpipe freestyle skiing four
times at the X Games, once at the Sochi Olympics in 2014, and once at the 2018 Olympics in PyeongChang!
But that’s not the only reason why we love him. David and his wife Alexandra took a Venture trip to the Dominican
Republic with COTN, and he founded WeSayWater to fund clean water projects with his winnings from skiing competitions. 
David and his wife, Alexandra, with COTN school principal Wilson Espinosa in the Dominican Republic during a Venture trip.
It's traditional for an athlete like David to spend 10% of his winnings at the bar after a victory, but David decided he would rather put his money
toward something more meaningful than a fun night with friends.
With his most recent Olympic victory, David has promised to give 10% of his winnings to his sister's One Leg Up On Life Foundation.
Congratulations on your success in PyeongChang, David!

The One Leg Up On Life team in Haiti with several of COTN's children.
When David wins, the children win, and that’s something worth cheering for.