If you sponsor a child, you’ve received a special Easter card to send to your sponsored child. Maybe you already mailed
yours—great! Your child will be so happy to hear from you. 
But if you’re still trying to figure out what to write to your sponsored child, here are some ideas that will bring joy to your child’s life!

1. Wish your sponsored child and their family a happy Easter!
2. Ask your sponsored child what they like about Easter.
3. Share something you like about Easter.
4. Share your favorite Bible verse about God’s love.

5. Share a favorite Easter tradition. (Please avoid writing too much about material possessions.) Maybe you have that one food that you
always eat for Easter dinner, or your whole family goes to a sunrise church service on Easter morning. If there is a special meaning behind
your favorite Easter tradition, be sure to share that too!
6. Write about the changing seasons. Tell your sponsored child what you love about spring, and ask about the seasons in their country.
Remember, some children live in other hemispheres, so you might be having very different experiences!
7. Remind your child that you’re praying for them!

Please send your Easter cards before March 9! And remember, you can send photos and a single sheet of stickers with your letter.
Thank you for bringing joy to your sponsored child this Easter and all year long!