This Giving Tuesday, you will see a lot of #GiveWarmth on COTN’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.


Because we need your help to raise $10,000 to give blankets to children in need. It only costs $10 to send a
quality blanket to child
. But the difference your gift will make is huge.



1. We tend to think of countries in Africa and the Caribbean as warm, but in the areas where COTN serves, the weather does get
chilly—especially during the local cold or rainy seasons. Blankets help protect already vulnerable children from the elements.

2. Many children don’t have bedding or have only thin mats that offer little protection from dirt and insects. A blanket can be used
both underneath and on top of a child to protect them.




3. Blankets protect children from illness. Thick blankets offer a barrier from germs and bacteria, as well as malaria-carrying
mosquitoes. They also help sick children recover faster, keeping them safe and warm.

4. A good night’s rest is essential to succeeding in school. Blankets keep children from waking up in the middle of the night,
preparing them for the school day.




5. Blankets—particularly COTN's high-quality blankets—are gifts that will last. Often, one blanket is used by several children in
a family.

6. Blankets offer comfort. Dave Schertzer, COTN’s Resource Director explains, “Whenever we distribute blankets, there’s also a
sense of love.” Children feel protected and happy when they wrap their new blankets around themselves. A blanket is
a constant, physical reminder that someone cares.




This Giving Tuesday (Nov. 28), please prayerfully consider sharing God’s love with children in this simple, practical way. You can

also help by sharing our posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Whenever you bundle up this holiday season, you can take a moment to remember the children you’re keeping warm with your

gifts. Thank you for giving warmth!