A mosquito net may seem like a small, simple thing. But for children in need, it is a life-saving gift. And it's a gift that represents the qualities of a great mother:


1. Protection. Loving mothers, all across the world, have one thing in common: they want to protect their children. Mosquito nets provide a vital barrier
between vulnerable children and malaria and other mosquito-borne illnesses,
 protecting them from sickness, and even death.




In 2015, there were roughly 212 million malaria cases and 429,000 malaria deaths worldwide. But because of gifts like this net, the malaria mortality rate is rapidly decreasing.

Thanks to people like you, Dafin from Uganda won’t have to be a statistic. 

A mosquito net given in your mom’s name is a way for her to spread her love to children across the world—to say, “You matter, and you deserve to be protected.”

2. Education. Moms are so often the cheerleaders of our academic success. But when children are sick, they can’t go to school. Jacklyne from Malawi says that before she got a mosquito net,

When I got sick, I was not able to go to school because I was weak and feeling pain . . . I was missing a lot, because when I got sick I would stay home one week each time.”



Even when the opportunity to attend school is available, children like Jacklyne still need to be healthy enough to embrace this chance.

A mosquito net doesn’t just protect children today—it helps them continue their education and embrace their future.


3. Courage. Many of these mosquito nets are made by the Khamalathu women of Malawi, who are often widowed mothers and the sole providers for their families.

When you

buy these nets, you are creating jobs and supporting their spirit of independence.



Khamalathu means “working hard together for good.”

Your gift celebrates the courage of moms across the world.

4. Comfort. With a mosquito net, children can sleep in peace, knowing they are safe from deadly illness. And their mothers can have peace of mind, knowing

their children are protected.



In the Caribbean, especially during hurricane season, there is a high risk of standing water becoming breeding ground for mosquitoes. $28 provides two

mosquito nets to protect these Haitian girls.


You are who you are today because of your mom. This Mother’s Day, consider honoring her by supporting vulnerable children and widowed mothers 

with the gift of a mosquito net.