As summer fades and school begins across the world, the children we serve have much to look back on and be thankful for.
Sponsors went above and beyond this year, providing for thousands of children to attend camps in Malawi, Sierra Leone, the Dominican Republic, and Haiti. Children from Uganda will go to camp during their regular school holiday, which comes in December.
Here are 10 of the best photos from camp this summer:
In Malawi, staff held three camps, for kids, youth, and university students.
Kids in Malawi finished their camp with a day-trip to a pool. It was a rare treat on a hot day for these children!

                                                 Youth in Malawi participated in competitive, but silly games, and also had a curriculum focused on spiritual growth.


                                        There were times of intense prayer, and intense game-playing at the Malawi university camp.


                           In Sierra Leone, 625 children from our program and community came to three-day sleepover camps.
                          At the end of the camps, 40 children gave their lives to Christ.

In Haiti, the children in our program spent a week doing Bible studies, playing games, and learning the Haitian art of macramé. They ended the week with a trip to the beach!
     In the Dominican Republic, children participated in sports camps and discipleship camps. Visiting Venture teams helped make the experience rich and fun!

                   Children in Uganda were in class all summer, but they stole some fun moments with visiting teams. They are looking forward to December!

                                           Thank you, sponsors, for giving your child a summer full of fun and growth!

                                           by COTN Staff