Children's Homes

Children of the Nations focuses on caring for orphaned and destitute children, raising them to be leaders who will someday transform their families, communities, and ultimately their nations. Our Children’s Homes provide full-time family-style care for orphaned children—the most desperate cases, many of whom were rescued from certain death.

Our Children’s Homes are not traditional orphanages. We believe the institutionalized environments of orphanages are not always in the best interests of a child. We believe that family-style homes provide the stable, nurturing environment these children need to develop into healthy, relational, well-balanced adults.


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Our family-style Children’s Homes provide well-rounded care for the orphaned children we serve. Each home consists of a house mother (or in some cases a set of married house parents) who care for 6 to 12 children with the assistance of house aunties.

These homes allow the children to experience all that having a family entails—the love and care of siblings and parents, and the responsibilities that come with running a household (domestic chores, food preparation, budgeting, gardening, home maintenance, discipline, family devotions, etc.). The homes include bedrooms, a dining area, and a common living area. They are also designed to have running water, a bathroom, and in some cases electricity, all of which are rare in rural Africa.

We currently have Children’s Homes in Sierra Leone, Malawi, and Uganda, where there are high orphan populations. We do not currently have Children’s Homes in the Dominican Republic or Haiti. Instead, our ministry in these countries focuses on our Village Partnership Program.