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After 25 years in public and private education, I could tell God was calling me to a different educational setting.  I answered His call by joining Children of the Nations as Director of Education for the past 13 years.  Recently, I changed roles and am now the University/Vocational Program leader.

The facts are:

• Higher education is the gateway to sustainable development in the countries we serve.
• Access to higher education in Africa is about 5% compared to the global average of 25%.
• On average, 1 in 4 students in the Dominican Republic have the means to attain post-secondary education.
• Women are underrepresented in higher education, in particular in the science and technology fields.

Skilled and trained young people will become the leaders in their countries.  The University/Vocational Program exists so that: “…students develop their God-given talents, pursuing careers that enable them to contribute positively to their communities, sustain themselves and their families, and ultimately transform their nations.”  As of 2021, our University/Vocational Program has had the following results:

186  Graduates:  Already have qualifications to be doctors, teachers, pastors, nutritionists, community development workers, beauticians, tailors, carpenters, accountants, missionaries….

281  Current Participants: studying education, communication, nursing, medicine, dentistry, business, accounting, law, community development, agriculture, manufacturing, carpentry, brick laying, electronics, automotive technology, computer science,  pharmaceuticals, fashion, tailoring, engineering

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Our Vision

Raising children who transform nations

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About Fundraising

As a mission organization, 100% of our funding comes from donations. As part of their role, each staff member at Children of the Nations commits to raise funding for the organization, whether to offset their salary or for US or international programs or projects. Staff members set fundraising goals and/or budgets and seek to meet these goals through their personal sphere of influence.


Contributions are solicited with the understanding that Children of the Nations has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds. Children of the Nations will attempt to honor gifts preferenced to support particular workers, but the final decision on the use of all funds rests with the organization.