GOAL: $21,300.00


Dear Family and Friends,

This past year has brought to my attention an organization I have been aware of for many years—Children of the Nations (COTN).  COTN’s vision is simple yet very forward thinking and life-changing: Raising children who transform nations. They accomplish this vision by partnering with local people in each country they serve, to provide well-rounded, Christ-centered care for orphaned and destitute children. COTN currently cares for more than 5,000 children and young adults in Sierra Leone, Malawi, Uganda, the Dominican Republic, and Haiti. It’s not about relief or handouts that may be short-lived in their impact. It’s about providing for every aspect of a child’s care—a holistic approach meeting their physical, mental, social, and spiritual needs—in the hope that this care will enable them to grow into well-rounded individuals who create positive and lasting change in their nations.

I need your help! I am seeking to partner with others who would like to share in making this mission possible. As the Education Program Leader for COTN, my primary duties will be to provide support to schools in COTN implementing countries by assisting with strategies to meet established Standards of Service in school programs that have been established.  Training, development, and assessment are key focuses.  Experiences these last several years as a school principal have included similar responsibilities with professional development and program assessment.  It is clear to me that God has brought me to this position to help meet the guidance in James 1:27…”Here are the beliefs and way of life that God our Father accepts as pure and without fault. When widows are in trouble, take care of them. Do the same for children who have no parents. And don’t let the world make you impure.”  When we are able and the pandemic conditions allow, I hope to travel to the countries to meet our partners, assess their progress, and offer support and encouragement.  Maybe you will want to go with me on a trip!  I am so excited to use my passion for educating children, the developing world, and missions, based here in Silverdale, Washington and connecting internationally!

We have a God who listens!  I know the power of people praying to Him.  If you can support me with prayer as I start this role, I know God will bless our cooperative efforts!  If you would like to partner with me financially in support of this ministry, or learn about this work to support the educational programs in these countries—to make a difference in the lives of children in need—then give your gift through this webpage. 

Patrick Vandi is a young man who has come from trauma to something completely different and wonderful!  His story is one of several that I found on our COTN YouTube channel. I asked one of my new COTN colleagues to put his video story on this site above to give you a glimpse into one life that God has impacted through Children of the Nations. 

God is listening!  Thank you for speaking my name and this ministry when you pray!  I would like to ask you to prayerfully consider partnering with me in support of this ministry as God works in these young people to make a difference in their lives.

Paul Abbott

Education Program Leader

Children of the Nations