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Hello Friends and Family and Visitors!  I’m so glad to have you on this campaign together with me! 

It is now March 2022.  COVID seems to be winding down, and our Venture Teams at Children of the Nations are ramping up!  I recently visited our COTN work in Barahona, Dominican Republic.  This week I’ve been helping to coordinate a team from Baylor University who will arrive in two teams this month to teach STEM lessons (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) in our school at Don Bosco.  This is a wonderful school I was able to visit on my trip in December, 2021.  These teams will establish relationships, and begin experiments with students in our 4th-6th grades.  The Baylor students and professor, Dr. Marty Harvill, will return to Texas after their trip and will continue to meet virtually with our students each week for ten weeks, continuing the plant experiments, charting growth, discussing why some plants grow better than others—real scientists! I’m thrilled to think of the interactions, relationships, and learning that will take place these next weeks and months. 

I’m in my 8th month in this role as Education Program Leader.  I’ve been to one country in person.  Four more to go!  March 29th I board a series of flights heading for Lira, Uganda and then on to Lilongwe, Malawi, to meet face to face our partners.  I will be traveling with co-founders, Chris and Debbie Clark, and Cheryl Cuthbertson, director of engagement and sustainability.  We also have partners from around the USA coming with us to see firsthand what God is doing in the lives of our children.  I plan to return to Seattle April 24.  I’ve never been to Africa!  I would appreciate you praying for us on this trip that I can establish and maintain relationships with our partners, and listen and be perceptive to problem solve to improve student learning.

Children of the Nations' vision is simple yet very forward thinking and life-changing: Raising children who transform nations. We accomplish this vision by partnering with local people in each country we support, to provide holistic, Christ-centered care for orphaned and destitute children. COTN currently cares for more than 5,100 children and young adults in Sierra Leone, Malawi, Uganda, the Dominican Republic, and Haiti.  I am truly honored to be part of this organization and learn every day the ways God is raising up our children, our graduates for service in their own countries.  Now we're launching graduates into their communities! Patrick, Ireen, Martin, Kervens, Lucia, Solomon, Anthony…there is story after story of our graduates getting a law degree, passing the bar exam, managing a construction company, a solar power company, aspiring to a medical degree, completing an economics degree, serving as a medical doctor.  It is really satisfying to know that we are a part of this kind of transformation! These are children who had no parents and had very little chance to live at all!  Now they are thriving living in relationship with Jesus Christ, and providing valuable services for their communities!

I will meet these children and young people as I travel to both Uganda and Malawi this March and April.  I look forward to sharing experiences on Facebook as I interact with the students, staff, and others.  I am really sensing God’s work preparing things—details and big things—even before I know of the needs sometimes.  I know that is because many are praying on my behalf.  If you are praying for me, Thank you!  God is listening!  I know our COTN partners and students are praying for me.  They tell me when we meet on Zoom or WhatsApp.

There are so many things happening! I think about sharing them all here with you. You can sign up to have stories delivered to your email inbox at cotni.org. We are building a preschool in Haiti!  We have many sponsored children in each country, and in Haiti too.  No schools yet, but soon, this fall we plan to open our doors to some youngsters starting their preschool careers in Haiti.  Pray for Paulo Franse, our Village Partnership Director, who is filling the role of education coordinator as well.  Haiti experienced another large earthquake in August 2021, and this and the political unrest from the assassination of their president, have created significant unrest and skyrocketing inflation.  Pray for our staff and children's safety, and that staff will be able to manage their funds to continue to feed and care for the children!  Kervens, a young man who was injured in the 2010 earthquake will soon be entering university with a desire to become a doctor.  You’ve got to read his story!

In Sierra Leone, our partners have been hit with the loss of our country director, Samuel Ngoneh, father of two lovely little girls, and husband to Alyce. Please pray for the staff that deeply miss Samuel.  Brima Will, our education coordinator, told me Samuel was like a great tree that gave shade to us all, and he has fallen.  Pray for Brima, one of three interim leaders taking on the country director responsibilities until a new director can be found.  The hiring process is on now as well! 

I partner here in Washington with a talented educator, Linda St. Clair.  Linda teaches art classes half-time at Mead High School, and her other time she volunteers to provide professional development opportunities for our in-country staff.  She creates video sessions for our education coordinators in Africa, and our education coordinators facilitate training using these videos and other resources with their staffs.  Linda and her husband Mark are planning a trip to Malawi and Uganda late June-early August, as her schedule allows.  They will provide training in-person in collaboration--Collective Teacher Efficacy--for our educational leaders in these countries together, and then Linda will provide additional teacher training after Mark returns home.

Incredible stories of transformation from destitute and orphaned to thriving in the COTN Family are happening with these young children and university and vocational students! I am blessed to be a small part in this work!  God is listening!  Thank you for speaking my name and this ministry when you pray!   I would like to ask you to prayerfully consider partnering with me in financial support of this ministry as God works in these young people to transform their lives.  

Paul Abbott

Education Program Leader,

Children of the Nations

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