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From the video above, Henry, the principal, Isaac the aspiring lawyer, and Mercy, the university graduate and intern are all young people I've seen in action.  They are examples of children who have been rescued and have grown up in the family of Children of the Nations.  These lives of transformation are my reward!  Isn't it satisfying knowing God uses us in their transformation? Could it be?  Maybe this transformation may impact you and me as well as the COTN students.    

As Education Program Leader for Children of the Nations it is my job to support our partners with…

  • Regular communication & encouragement to meet their goals
  • Biblical Christian Education and Holistic Care resources
  • In-country & distance learning professional development
  • Curriculum Development Resources & Assessment
  • Access to current educational research, effective practices, and resources
  • Helping orphans & destitute children learn to read, and achieve to transform their nation

This page is to provide information and serve as a gateway to those of you that want to pray for and support me in this important work.    I appreciate the prayers offered on my behalf and that of COTN Education, and gifts that friends and family provide to fund these supports! 

January 2024 Update:  I am seeing slow and positive changes!  In my career as a teacher and later as a school principal, I utilized scientifically validated strategies whenever schools presented with problems in literacy, mathematics, and with teacher collaboration.  The work of researcher, John Hattie, and Visible Learning provided proven guidance so time and resources would not be wasted on unproven efforts.  I bring these understandings to the role of Educational Program Leader here at Children of the Nations.  

I support our local partners, the education coordinators including Paulo in Haiti, Ruth in the DR, Brima in Sierra Leone, Noami in Malawi, and David in Uganda, and teachers in each country.  Together we are working to bring these proven educational strategies and avenues for knowledge to classes where over 5000 children get to experience instruction and learning. 

Together with other COTNI education staff and volunteers, efforts have begun to implement fluency assessments in literacy, introduce Visible Learning concepts, and teach professional collaborative strategies and philosophies. I know that these strategies can work to improve student learning.  We continue to share and support these efforts in all five countries. 

Our children experience success over poverty and loneliness, inclusion in the family of Children of the Nations. We have great stories—Henry, Isaac, Mercy and 350 university and vocational students approaching their launch into the workplace.  God is using this ministry to bring children out of hopelessness and poverty into hope and a future of productivity and transformation.  

The Caribbean countries of the Dominican Republic and Haiti, and African countries of Sierra Leone, Malawi, and Uganda all have such beautiful lands and waters, and certainly very beautiful people!  When I traveled to Sierra Leone in November 2022, Paul A., was part of the huge parade of welcomers to greet us.  He is my sponsored child!  It was quite an experience to meet him face to face.  He later showed me his classroom, and his home, and mother, father, and little brother.  I am so pleased to be able to support his life with educational opportunities, physical, spiritual, and social emotional care.  

Incredible Stories of transformation from destitute and orphaned to thriving in the COTN Family are happening with these young children and university and vocational students! I am blessed to be a small part in this work!  God is listening!  Thank you for speaking my name and this ministry when you pray!   I would like to ask you to prayerfully consider partnering with me in financial support of this ministry as God works in these young people to transform their lives.  There are several choices for how to join in this ministry:

I've been impressed with COTN and the careful and conscientious manner that finances are managed!  Charity Navigator has awarded COTN with their highest 100% 4-star rating, to recognize the integrity and fidelity with which donated funds are used for their reported purpose, and overall percentage of funds that reach our children.

Thank you for reading!  Thank you for praying for me and my educational partners!  Thank you for your giving!  God bless you!  Thank you, God, that you are blessing these children!

Paul Abbott

Education Program Leader,

Children of the Nations




Contributions are solicited with the understanding that Children of the Nations has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds. Children of the Nations will attempt to honor gifts preferenced to support particular workers, but the final decision on the use of all funds rests with the organization.