GOAL: $3,000.00


An Excerpt from a Recent Letter...

Dear Friend,

If you’re reading this letter in the evening, you went over to the wall and switched on the lights so you can see a bit better. You didn’t think about that, you just did it. Now imagine that you don’t have a light to read by, or that you must go out and start the generator to operate the one 40 watt bulb in your house. Oh, and by the way, also imagine that the diesel you had to purchase for the generator was ten or eleven bucks a gallon and you worked all week to earn that ten or eleven bucks.


That’s the situation in our children’s village in Sierra Leone. The children come home from school, and by 7:00 in the evening there is no way for them to read or study their lessons unless the generator is running. With fuel costs so high, the children must either stop their studies or try to read by candle light. For every dollar we spend on fuel, that’s one less dollar we can spend for food and education costs.

Fortunately, we believe we have a solution. After much study and planning a group of us have put together a solar lighting system that will work to give these children five or six light fixtures in each of the children’s homes. They will be able to have lighting in each of the ten homes for an additional four hours in the evening and a couple of hours in the morning before the sun is up. We will also be installing a solar powered pump for their well, which will give them clean drinking water without the need to run the diesel generator. The great news is that one of our major donors has graciously given all the money needed for the supplies to build this system. All we need is to go there and put it together.


That’s where my team comes in to make this happen. The four of us will be leaving on February 24th to spend the next thirty days or so, installing this system. What we need is the funds to get us there and back, and to cover our in-country costs while there.

How can you connect and be a part of this project? First, you can join us by praying for the team, as that is the best way that you can be involved. Second you can contribute financially to our trip. I only have a short time to collect the approximately $3000 required. Your contribution will help us to provide the one thing that we here in this country take as a given to insure that the children there have good inexpensive lighting and the extra time the need to further their education.. Thanks for taking the time to consider being an integral part of this very important ministry.