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Barahona, April 2022

Dear friends and prayer partners,

Only God knows what’s going on with the cursed virus Covid19. The only news we’ve heard here in the Dominican Republic is the good news of being freed from wearing a mask and no longer being required to show the proof of vaccination paper in order to get into a public office.

This news cracks me up because now that we have the official order to not wear the mask—everybody is wearing one! At the beginning of the pandemic no one wanted to wear a mask but now that we are free to go without people are doing just the opposite. Talk about human nature! Anyway the classes and all the activities are coming back, little by little. Thank God!


Many of you know by now, that the Dominican Republic is the only nation that has an Altar of National Intercessory Prayer that operates twenty four hours, seven days a week. In order to accomplish such a task, every state or area has a network of intercessors plugged in to the National Altar twenty four hours, one day per month.  

The Barahona Network of Intercession has been the most faithful one in this chain of intercession before and during the too long pandemic season, when everything was closed down. Our leader for Barahona and all its 11 municipalities stepped down because of a new call in her life. Our Lord appointed me a few weeks ago to take over her position in the network of intercession for Barahona and its municipalities.

This is a position I did not ask for and it took me by surprise, however, my pastor and the entire intercessory team are very excited and ready to assist me in every step. Of course our Lord sent all the resources I need for this labor of love. So beside my service in the Bateys, which I enjoy very much, it pleases our Lord to apply Mathew 25:29, For whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance in my service to Him. GLORY TO HIS NAME!




We thank God that the fear of Covid19 and the travel restrictions that kept the visiting medical teams from our mission are over. In March 2022 we had two medical teams from the USA visit us. They performed two surgical operatives: the Heartfire Team ENT operated on 21 patients, and had some pediatric checkup sessions in the Bateys in which they examined 114 kids and the Opthamalogy team operated on 39 patients.  

Talking about our kids in the Bateys, one three-year-old little girl named Bianca from Los Robles has been the object of my attention the past two months. When we first started our mission in the Bateys, we did see many children with anemic brain syndrome, which is: Low levels of hemoglobin prevent adequate oxygen from reaching the brain. Blood vessels swell, blood pressure drops, and it can result in headaches, neurological issues, and vertigo. Small exertions can cause shortness of breath or fainting spells.


Our mission has always provided the proper medicine for these children and some went on with their lives, finishing high school and college, and even working as professionals. But some, who were not as fortunate, died from this sickness. So little Bianca, too small to be in our school program, came into my life as a super needy child. This was the first time that I dealt with a child with a 45.9% anemic brain who was living in a very poor family. Since our Lord put her in my path and HE is helping me to care for her, little Bianca is doing better. She has gained weight, going from 25 lbs. to 34 lbs. in a month. GLORY BE TO GOD!

All of you know how dear Batey Algodon is to me because this is where Children of the Nations began in the Dominican Republic. Those of you who have read my book ,“Dancing in the Fire,” will know how much I had to struggle with some kids who had been dedicated to the kingdom of darkness even before their birth. NOW for the past month we have experienced some similar situations where kids are possessed and become very disruptive in class. Carmen, one of my students in the leadership class in Altagracia, was called to go to pray for some of the children and set them free. One of the young girls, Angelica was the worst. After three days of severe attacks, she was delivered and all her family accepted Christ as their Savior. GLORY BE TO GOD! Of course you know how it is, the Voodoo priest from Algodon was not too excited about Carmen’s ministry, so he went to Altagracia to let Carmen’s mother know that she should warn her daughter not to mess with Satan’s business in Algodon. We all are amazed and blessed to see Carmen and others fulfill Christ’s ministry in these dark and needy places.



A THANKSGIVING PRAYER to our Lord for the prosthesis of Marcelo. Remember this young boy is one of the kids we adopted after the Haitian earthquake in 2010.

  • A THANKSGIVING PRAYER TO OUR LORD for little Bianca’s fragile life, I know God will fulfill His Purpose in her life.
  • We have many positions in our office that need to be occupied by the right people, so we are praying that only the ones called by God will be part of our COTN team in Barahona.
  • I am grateful to our Lord Jesus Christ for calling me to motivate, teach, and help to pull up the net of intercession in Barahona and its 11 municipalities. A lot of prayer is needed for wisdom, strength and divine strategies. I THANK HIM for the supportive team and resources HE provided for this service.
  • Add your prayer to ours for His Strength in the permanent warfare that is going on here.
  • May you have a BLESSED RESURRECTION DAY as we celebrate what our Lord Jesus Christ went through in order to get us out of the kingdom of darkness. May His Glorious resurrection continue to fill our hearts with wonder as we ponder in awe about such sacrifice.

Thank you so much for being a big part of what HE is doing in Barahona with your love, prayers and support since 1995 in His service.

Love and blessings from

Malou Faublas

 Your Missionary friend in the Dominican Republic


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Dancing in the Fire: The true story of Malou Faublas, a single woman missionary in Haiti & Dominican Republic



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