GOAL: $20,000.00


June 2021, Barahona, Dominican Republic

Dear friends and prayer partners,

The LORD is good all the time. All the time the LORD is good. This is the greeting of the Christians in the Dominican Republic lately because they have tasted the goodness of our Lord.  I agree with them one hundred per cent, because HE saw my struggle with my old laptop. In His time and in His way HE just blessed me with a new laptop! GLORY TO HIS NAME!!!

This is a short letter to inform you all of our situation in the Dominican Republic. ACTUALLY we are experiencing our third wave of Covid-19. It all started at the end of May when people got vaccinated and thought they would now be OK, (by the way we are only receiving the vaccine made in China since February.) But due to so many sick, we are back to curfew, quarantine, distancing, etc. Whether we want it or not, everyone is affected by this situation. A few people at the COTN Office had Covid-19 after being vaccinated. Many old people who survived the first two waves without the vaccine now are dying after the vaccination. They all experienced complications after receiving the vaccine. Only God knows and can stop this madness. Of course we continue to believe 2 Chronicles 7:14 and we pray it often: If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Between the second and the present third wave, I did go to the Bateys and continued to have my classes in small groups. We are also meeting in my own home where my students will come, a few at a time. Our Lord has His Hand over us, the Batey people—adults and children—have been blessed with good health. We are praying and trusting our Great Physician Whose ministry continues to be 24/7 to touch and heal our land.  

I am not sure if all of you know that I have NO health insurance in the Dominican Republic. I go to Miami, the American city closest to us, to use my Medicare for all the necessary tests and my yearly checkup. The past year, because of the pandemic, I could not leave Barahona. But the Great Physician kept His watch over me. This year the Lord, Who is in charge of my life, has used a dear sister to bless me with an airline ticket to go to Miami soon to take care of my health. GLORY TO HIS NAME!!!


The invisible enemy called Covid-19 is attacking everyone all over the world: rich or poor, young or old, ONLY the Maker of this planet earth can do something to stop it. In fact HE is doing what HE knows best to do: reaching out for man, woman and child with the gospel of His Kingdom. During the month of May we had a tremendous time celebrating the global evangelism where the Prince of Peace continues to touch the heart of those who dare trust HIM for eternal life.

May the King of Glory invade your life with His peace that passes all understanding and His joy that no Covid-19 can take away from us. THANK YOU for your prayers and your support that are so important to me.

Your missionary in Barahona, D.R., Malou


Dancing in the Fire: The true story of Malou Faublas, a single woman missionary in Haiti & Dominican Republic