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August 2023

Barahona, Dominican Republic

Dear friends and prayer partners,

Since the month of May we have been experiencing intense heat like August in the Dominican Republic. This is the first time that the super-hot weather started so soon in the year and the water became very scarce due to lack of rain. With this comes the Black Out, our electricity being turned off at random times for hours. The grace of  God is definitely all sufficient for me.

Despite the intense heat, the Summer VBS Camps have going well for our children, although this year the camps had to be reduced to a one day trip to the beach or the swimming pools. In every situation we THANK GOD for His provision!

We are so blessed to finally get—in God’s perfect timing—the license for the operation and full function our Children of the Nations medical clinic. GLORY BE TO OUR GOD!

Something that has always been an issue, but has increased lately, is a wave of new illegal Haitians looking for refuge here in the Dominican Republic. So the police search for illegal Haitians in this country has increased, and with it the fear that is overwhelming in the Haitian communities. The good news is that the children in our program are legal and safe, and we get an opportunity to minister the love of Jesus to these new refugees.

Speaking of immigration—since last December when my legal documents (Dominican and American) were stolen, it has become a huge, expensive hassle to replace the stolen Dominican documents. I had no problem replacing my American passport, thank God. It is also time for me get my Residence Papers in this country. No one understands the real scope of the immigration laws in this country. First of all, I needed to pay for a temporary Visa each year for every three years. Then, out of the blue, it is no longer three years but five! Each temporary yearly Visa goes from $480 - $500 U.S. THANK GOD I went victoriously through all this!

This year, 2023, I am also due to obtain a Permanent Resident Visa for the next four years. This Visa is $800 U.S. Hopefully, it will be for four years, according to my lawyer who seems to know what he is doing. I am trusting the Lord that they will not change it, even though the waiting time is longer for the immigrants living here from Venezuela, China, Ecuador, Cuba, not to mention Haiti. THANKS GOD that does not steal my peace nor my joy, for I am excited to know that Christ is in control!!!




A prayer of THANKSGIVING for my leadership classes during summer vacation, that more  young people can join me and enjoy the teaching and learning time despite the heat.

A prayer of THANKGIVING for God’s faithfulness keeping me in good health. I believe I will be able, by God’s grace, to get to the USA this year for my annual physical checkup since I have no health insurance in this country because of my age.

A SUPER GREAT prayer need is for me to find someone who can rent my house and take care of it while I am in the USA for at least six months on Sabbatical. Please join me in prayer for the Spirit of God to send the right missionary to fill this need.

I continue to BLESS CHRIST’S NAME for every one of you who faithfully have been with me on this mission field for the past 31 years. May God’s Grace increasingly dwell upon you and your loved ones!



Love and blessings from,

Malou Faublas your missionary friend in Barahona Dominican Rep.


(To view my book: go to Amazon.com/books and type in Malou Faublas in the search)

 Dancing in the Fire: The true story of Malou Faublas, a single woman missionary in Haiti & Dominican Republic



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