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Barahona December 27.2022

Dear friends and prayer partners,

Trusting everyone had a blessed Christmas. Mid December the children enjoyed their Christmas party in each community, and the staff also enjoyed their celebration.

Just  two weeks before Christmas  the net of intercessors of Barahona has blessed the Sunday school teachers of this town with the visit of APEN ( Child evangelism fellowship in Spanish) that came with a one day training program named Immanuel God with us.  We had some 65 teachers responding to this invitation /training on "How to lead a child to Immanuel God with us". TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!



I personally had a great Christmas, even though I had to remind the enemy of our soul that no one and nothing will take away my joy and my peace! Christ died on the cross in order for me to have joy and peace no matter what the circumstances I am facing . Besides, we know that the enemy can't touch a child of God without God's permission, we have the beautiful and true story of Job and Christ prayer for Peter in Luke 22:31-32. 

On Wednesday December 21 we found out that our church --- Buenas Nuevas---  for the first time was going to have a Christmas dinner in the beautiful Casa Bethesda. We got all excited and I went out around 9AM to get my hair done and to buy the ingredients to bake some brownies for the brethren.

When I came back around 12pm I faced the most horrible scene in my house: while I was out for few hours the thieves broke the iron protector of my window got in. Obviously they were looking for money because they empty every  drawer in the bedrooms and they stole my laptop, my cell phone where I have the number of all my friends in USA. , my American passport with my ATM cards from the States ---- I don't use ATM card here---the mission credit card and many more personal items! 

It was an overwhelming experience, knowing that total strangers were in my personal space and the total disrespect of my space and belongings!  My friends came and fix the broken window, ensuring that my home was once secure again. They also accompanied me to the police station and I was able to give a statement of what happened.  I called the American consulate to report the robbery, and I was blessed to get through to the bank in USA to cancel my ATM card.

My friend, Martha King slept in the house with me. She helped me --- truly she did it all ----she ensured me that cleaning up the messy house would help me emotionally -- She was right! So as the Lord gave me His Strength I started to put things in there proper place this is when I realized so many other things were missing! I THANK GOD for my life . Of course in this country the thieves committed robbery in the day time when there is no one home.

This afternoon I went to check the diverse security systems, I found out that I was the only one in the neighborhood that did not have one. The system called high voltage which is done with electrical wires when somebody tries to get in the house the wires are connected with an alarm system that will go off.

                                  ADD YOUR PRAYERS TO MNE

 1- A THANKSGIVING prayer to our Lord for saving my physical life, no one was in the house when this disaster happened!

2- " We know that All things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose."  So my prayer is that God's purpose be fulfilled in my life and that my latest years on this planet should be better than my former years!

I AM  SO GRATEFUL TO GOD FOR FRIENDS : it is when we are going through trials and difficult times that we find out the real friends that we have. I was amazed to see how the Barahonans gathered around me to console, and just be there with me. Our Lord reminded me that what you give is what you get. I have been sowing good seeds in their lives so they responded with love. ALL THE GLORY GOES TO GOD!!! HE never leaves us nor forsake us.

3- Right now I am still dealing with the aftermath and I am getting some flashback once in a while. However, I am concentrated in finding a security system: I just realized that everyone in my neighborhood had one: it is a  high voltage electrical wires connected to an alarm. If somebody tries to get in the alarm goes off.  The price is US$1,800.00. I am trusting in His Faithfulness to get this security system and THANK YOU for your care and your prayers toward this request. 

4- Yes I AM GRATEFUL TO GOD for friends like you that are holding my hands with your prayers believe me they help me to go through with Strength and courage.

May you all have a BLESSED AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR 2023  with Christ Presence as we persevere to the end. Let us rejoice  for soon and very soon we are going to see our KING.   

Love and blessings from,

Malou Faublas your missionary friend in Barahona Dominican Rep.


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 Dancing in the Fire: The true story of Malou Faublas, a single woman missionary in Haiti & Dominican Republic



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