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Barahona, August 2022

Dear Friends and Prayer Partners,

July in COTN Barahona means Graduation and Summer Camps! This year we had 18 students graduate from High School, all from our five schools in the five bateys. It was a great time for our Mission. Our kids grow up so fast! It seems like yesterday these children were in Kindergarten, all shy and sad, NOW they are ready to become part of our College Program fulfilling our vision, “To raise up children to change their nation.” I can hardly believe it!

Our little ones from first and second grade always enjoy our two or three days of fun—with a swimming pool and games, theater, etc. We really have some good artists and actors coming up. We pray our Lord will fulfill His Purpose for their lives.

The Covid is virtually gone from the Dominican Republic. There are some isolated cases which are cured with home remedies, and no one is dying from the virus anymore, THANKS GOD!!!

My struggle with the Dominican immigration system is worth sharing, because it is so different than in the USA. Here they give you a temporary Residency Visa every year. The cost was $400 US dollars per year. Originally you could apply for a permanent one after three years. Suddenly they changed it to five years. So this year I got another temporary one, but this time for $500 US dollars. Hopefully—if our Lord Jesus Christ tarries—I will get the Permanent Visa next year if they don’t change it again. 

Now something interesting is going on in our churches here is Barahona. As I shared with you in the last Newsletter, I got a promotion from Heaven as the leader of the network of Intercessors in our state. I have been very busy going to the municipalities and waking up the intercessors that have been sleeping from the pandemic. After this work, we had the election of the members of the Executive Board and the members of the Committee of Labor, but not without a battle! Everything was going well until suddenly, two days before the election, three or four churches called cancelling their participation in the election. I am so excited to know that this ministry is not mine but our Lord’s. HE took care of it, reminding me that the people HE wants will be there.

Yes indeed, fifty intercessors were there and our Lord reminded me that our pastor, at the beginning of 2022, prophesied that the Lord is going to use unknown leaders to enlarge His Kingdom. This is exactly what we are experiencing in the network of intercessors of Barahona.  My role is to go to the local congregations, as much as to the municipalities, to give a wake call to the sleepy Bride of the Lamb.

Yes, indeed I need PRAYERS…  


  • A thanksgiving prayer to our Lord Jesus Christ for His Strength. I need a vacation for two weeks in September, God willing.
  • A thanksgiving prayer to our Heavenly Father for His protection from any type of virus, I am very grateful to God for my complete health.
  • Please add your prayers to mine for someone to sponsor my book, Dancing in the Fire, to be translated into Spanish. The people here, including our new COTN staff, need to know how our mission started.
  • Please add your prayers to mine for funds to fix my roof. With the rainy season upon us, I am having some trouble with the water leaking from my sixteen years old roof. I am trusting in the faithfulness of our Lord.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your prayers and support, keeping me on the mission field for the past twenty five years. I really appreciate your encouragement and love.

Blessings to all of you from your missionary friend,

Malou Faublas   


(To view my book: go to Amazon.com/books and type in Malou Faublas in the search)

 Dancing in the Fire: The true story of Malou Faublas, a single woman missionary in Haiti & Dominican Republic



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