GOAL: $20,000.00



Barahona September/21

Dear friends and prayer partners

GOOD NEWS : finally our schools are open and our students with their teachers are super excited. We have prayed --- and praying--- for our Lord Who is in Control of this universe to give us a break . After a very high third wave of this cursed covid19, we finally get a drop down of it . GLORY BE TO THE KING OF THE NATIONS WHO REIGN FOREVER !!!

With this comes also September the month of the Bible: the past year with the pandemic the celebration of September was quiet. So this year all the Bible believers were out there celebrating the Goodness of our God. Usually in our mission  Children of the Nations each school will have it own march and celebration within the community where they belong. But this year all four schools ----- Algodon, Don Bosco, Altagracia, Los Robles,----- gathered together in Altagracia to have a great march and grateful prayers to our Lord for leaving us His Word to live by. We went from the village of Fundation and walk all over the community of Altagracia with joyful songs of praise.

The ministry of the ladies in Los Robles is doing well : so much are the needs of these Christian women help me to pray to the Lord of the harvest to send laborers to the fields, for truly the harvest is ready.

The ministry of inner healing is doing well in the youth many chains are been broken , many are getting out from the strongholds of resentment where  the enemy has kept them .


The ministry of intercession -----tagging alone with the prophecies of the last days ------has been praying for the last revival in the nations starting with ours: YES, the good news is that people specially young people in the bateys are going to church and giving their lives to Christ without any altar call , they just walk in the church and cry out for forgiveness and the Holy Spirit is moving.  As you know all the churches in the Dominican Rep are open long time ago , the pandemic did not stop the Church from opening their doors.  GLORY BE TO GOD!!

The double blessing is that the young adults that started with me when they were  pre schoolers are now teaching the new converts , excited to multiple themselves. HALLELUJAH!!

                    ADD YOUR PRAYERS TO MINE

 A prayer of THANKSGIVING  to Christ Jesus our Healer and Great Physician for touching so many lives , and the testimonies of His Mercy and Love are increased as the days pass

Just like you , I don’t know how long I am going to be on this planet. So my sons and daughters gave me another  surprise party on my 77th birthday . However my prayer is that I may touch many more lives for the Christ’s Kingdom wherever HE sends me as His Ambassador.


We continue to THANK OUR LORD for the revival that is going on in the Bateys. You won’t hear that news in the media. But we are excited with our answering prayer God for blessing us with good health.  

We continue to pray for our sister nation of Haiti : that the remnant will be strengthen in the Lord , the remnant will be encouraged and not be tired in doing good.

YES, I continue to give God the Glory for each of you who has been faithful  to support Christ’s ministry thru my presence in the mission field in Barahona Dominican Republic for more than twenty years.

May God’s Spirit continue to give you eyes to see when HE will come in the clouds, and ears to hear the trumpet sound  as you all are looking forward  for HE comes soon to get us out of here. But of course HE keeps us busy ‘til HE comes.

Love and blessings from Malou Faublas, your missionary friend in Barahona


Dancing in the Fire: The true story of Malou Faublas, a single woman missionary in Haiti & Dominican Republic