GOAL: $31,725.00


After working for 10 years in the church, God called me to serve the children and staff of COTN in the Dominican Republic. I first visited the DR in 2013 with our local church, and the people there stole my heart. I saw immense joy despite people in meager and sometimes dire circumstances. I saw this great need and immediately knew that I could help the staff and local communities with my skills in cross-cultural communication, project management, efficiency, and training. Theologian Frederick Buechner defines vocation as the place where “your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet." I saw the world's deep hunger in the DR for transformation, and God made it clear that our family had a call to serve there. So, in 2018, we stepped out in faith, and I took on the role of Dominican Republic Liaison. 

In this role, I work alongside the national staff and board to bring holistic care to over 1,400 children every day. This requires speaking Spanish, translating, grant compliance, project management, budget reconciliation and many other daily tasks, as well as international travel to support our in-country staff. Your donation goes toward helping me accomplish these goals and making sure that these children receive the best possible social, emotional, physical, educational, and spiritual care we can offer them.

Thank you for partnering with us to raise children who will transform the Dominican Republic!