Uganda - Study Tour

GOAL: $8,751.00

RAISED: $7,195.00

In their last year of middle school, our Ugandan students go on a three-day field trip called a Study Tour. This trip takes students across Uganda and includes visits to museums, the source of the Nile, and the Ugandan Parliament in the capital. 
The tour provides opportunities for hands-on learning, and children are often inspired to pursue the careers they get to see in action. 
But without your support, this Study Tour can’t happen. 
The Ugandan national exams cover topics like agriculture, history, and geography. When our students get to see these subjects in action, they are able to perform better on their exams. Also, these children have grown up in poverty, and many of them have never traveled. The tour is a chance for them to dream about careers that never seemed possible before.  
Your investment will ensure a new class of students get to attend a Study Tour and dozens of children will learn about possible careers they could pursue.  
When you invest in this tour, you are improving the education of children in Uganda and giving them a path to a better future.
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