Sierra Leone - Motorcycles

GOAL: $6,531.00

RAISED: $500.00

Our Ngolala ministry campus is in a remote location. Over 400 of the children in our program live in communities far away from campus. Walking on foot to visit these children and monitor their health and well-being on a regular basis is almost impossible. 
We need to purchase three motorbikes so our staff can provide the best possible care to these children. The bikes will allow staff to visit the children regularly and make sure they are receiving the educational, social, spiritual, and physical care they need to succeed. 
These bikes will also allow staff to follow up on children who are referred to our Children’s Home—children who don’t have parents or a safe place to live. 
Ngadie lost both of her parents when she was a child, so her grandmother took her in. Her grandmother did everything she could to provide for Ngadie, but she couldn’t afford to send her to school. They struggled to get even one meal a day. 
But Ngadie became part of Children of the Nations and received food, clothes, shelter, education, and had people who took care of her. She now has a degree in Christian ministry, a bachelors in guidance and counseling, and is pursuing a master’s degree in counseling psychology. 
You can help more children like Ngadie get the care they need to rise up and transform their nations!
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