University/Vocational Program

Sponsors like you are helping students from some of the poorest parts of Africa and the Caribbean get a high quality education. Through your caring support, young men and women who once had no chance of earning an income and supporting their families are seeing a world of opportunities open up before them. Thank you for providing these opportunities by sponsoring a student!


Phase One: Gap Assignment – The gap assignment gives students practical work experience that prepares them for the next phase of their education. It also gives them a chance to work within COTN in an area of interest, letting them contribute to the ministry in a meaningful way.
Phase Two: Attend a University or Vocational School – After completing the gap assignment, students begin their course of study in school. The length of time they spend in this phase depends on their school and area of study.
Graduates of the University/Vocational Program have already become doctors, teachers, and other professionals. As our children grow up, hundreds more students will enter the program in the coming years.
Benefits/services provided may include: Tuition, room and board, books, materials, travel expenses (depending on the individual student's need).



You can help give a young leader an education. University/vocational student sponsorships start at just $50 a month.

You can also send a student to school for a whole year by giving a one-time gift to the University Scholarship Fund right here.