Sierra Leone - Children's Home Renovation

$16,391.00 raised ~ goal of: $18,849.00


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The Children’s Home in Sierra Leone is a safe place for the most destitute children to live and have a family. Often, they are orphans or victims of war, and the home is the place they find hope after losing everything. But after 16 years, the buildings are in dire need of repair.  

The roofs leak when it rains, the furniture needs to be replaced, the toilets need maintenance, and the houses should be more accessible for children with disabilities. For the homes to continue being a safe and clean place for children to heal, we need to renovate them.

You can give vulnerable children the safety, dignity, and joy of a beautiful home.

Impact Story

For children orphaned by Sierra Leone’s brutal civil war, there were few options for survival. There were even less for children with disabilities—children like Steven.

After losing his family, Steven began begging on the streets to get enough food each day. But things changed in 2002 when he moved into our Children’s Home.

He finally had enough to eat, started going to school, received vital medical care, and no longer had to worry about how he was going to survive. In 2020, Steven achieved his dream and was ordained as a pastor.

Why Is This Project Needed?

  • For children to rise up out of poverty and become leaders, they first need a safe, clean, and functional home to live in.
  • The roofs leak when it rains, there is not enough furniture for children to sit and study, the windows need new glass, and the bunk beds can no longer safely hold the older children. These repairs are needed for the homes to be safe.


Four of the homes have been renovated, but we need to renovate the remaining five homes.


  1. All nine homes will be fully upgraded and comfortable for every child who lives there.
  2. With a safe home to live in, each child can reach their full potential, growing up to transform their families and communities.


The total cost of renovating the remaining five houses is $18,849 (about $3,770 per home). Every child should have a safe and loving home. You can give that transformational gift to vulnerable children, creating a safe environment for them to become the next generation of leaders in Sierra Leone!

*MATCHING GIFT! A generous donor has pledged to give the last $8,011 for this project. Which means we only need $10,838 to complete this project!

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