Thank You for Giving Joy in Malawi! Malawi
The children in each village enjoyed a nice Christmas meal
Jan 9, 2014 -

Thank you for making this Christmas a special one for the children in Malawi! The children in our Village Partnership Program and in our Children’s Homes had a lot of fun activities and great gifts this Christmas, thanks to you. 

Thank You for Giving Joy in Haiti! Haiti
Every child received a Christmas gift, thanks to their sponsors.
Jan 8, 2014 -

This Christmas was a great one for the children we serve in Haiti.

Every single child in the Bellevue Village Partnership and in the Family Care Program (the first small group of children you supported after the 2010 earthquake) got to eat a special meal and receive a Christmas gift, thanks to their sponsors. The festivities also included the singing of Christmas songs, acting out of nativity skits, readings of poetry, and dancing. 

Thank you for making this Christmas so special for the children! Enjoy the photos! 

Thank You for Giving Joy in Sierra Leone! Sierra Leone
Jan 7, 2014 -

Thank you for giving joy to the children in Sierra Leone this Christmas! 

Thanks to the generous gifts from you and other sponsors, the children in our Children's Homes and Village Partnership Program were able to enjoy a big Christmas meal, presents (including a book for every child!), dancing, singing, games, and a nativity play. And to top it all off, they spent time praying for you, their sponsors! 

As Mabinty, one of the girls in the Children's Homes, said, "This is the best Christmas ever." Thank you for bringing that joy to her and the rest of the children.

Thank You from the Dominican Republic! Dominican Republic
Enjoying a Christmas meal in Don Bosco
Jan 6, 2014 -

Christmas in the Dominican culture is very special and important. This Christmas, thanks to you and other sponsors, children in COTN’s Village Partnership Programs were able to enjoy games and songs, and eat a special meal, which they don’t usually have in their homes because of the poverty in which they live.

Lifted Up from the Dust: Davie's Story Malawi
Davie says of his sponsors, “It’s like they have lifted me up from the dust."
Jan 3, 2014 -

In Malawi, in the dusty fields of Chirombo village, few things are certain. The sun may scorch the freshly planted earth, the rain may flood the seeds out of their furrows, or the two may combine at just the right levels to produce a bountiful harvest. 

Thank You for Everything! United States
Jan 2, 2014 -

The children have something to tell you. 

Hope Restored: Brenda's Story Uganda
Brenda and her cousins live in this tiny home in Uganda
Dec 31, 2013 -

Sitting on the dirt floor of Brenda's tiny home in Uganda, it's hard to believe her life has been completely transformed. Her tiny home has a thatched roof, mud walls, and is about the size you would think normal for a bedroom—not a home for four children and an adult. Yet there in her tiny home in rural Uganda, Brenda looks at you in her little pink school uniform with eyes full of joy and hope. Everything is different for her, because of her sponsors.

Knowing Christ Deeply: Hawa's Story Sierra Leone
Hawa says she studies the Bible so that she can "share with others"
Dec 30, 2013 -

Hawa sits with her Bible open and waits for each of her younger sisters to join her in the living area of their house at the Children of the Nations (COTN) Banta Children’s Village in Sierra Leone. After asking one of the others to lead some praise songs and a prayer, she starts to read from Genesis. Hawa has decided to take the girls through this book each evening and they are on the story of Noah.

A Year of Good Works Pays Off Haiti
Dec 27, 2013 -

A flood of kindergarten and nursery school-age children rush into the tarp shelter. At the helm is Marc Antoine Michel, the energetic and loving Village Partnership Program coordinator in Haiti. A host of parents herd the children from the sides, helping them into their seats as they get ready for their after-school activities. And running around helping everyone with anything they need is a young teenager. 

Malawian Students Enjoy Learning about Who They Are Malawi
The team is hoping the personality test will help students like Flora
Dec 26, 2013 -

It was almost too good to be true. Seniors at the International Christian Academy, COTN’s secondary school in Malawi, were told they had to take a test, but they didn’t have to study for it and there was no such thing as a wrong answer.