Claudio Lights Up His Community Dominican Republic
Sep 5, 2013 -

Strolling the dirt streets of his home village in the Dominican Republic, Claudio says, “I’ve changed one hundred percent.” Today as he walks through the community of Los Robles he smiles and holds his head high. But as a child coping with poverty, he says he used to have an aggressive attitude toward everyone around him. 

Way to Be One! United States
Sponsor number 127
Sep 3, 2013 -

In the last two months, 265 of you stepped up to sponsor children. Because of you, these children will all be able to begin school this fall! 

Many of you new sponsors shared your testimonies, explaining what led you to sponsor a child. Because we had a goal of 500 sponsors, we counted each of you. Many of you took fun photos with your numbers to go along with your testimonies.

Here are some of your photos and stories. Thank you for making this campaign a success for the children!

Sharing the Gospel Through Camp in Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
Aug 27, 2013 -

The photos are in from camp in Sierra Leone! Thanks to generous sponsors, children in three villages got to attend a two-day camp in their area. We also held a camp for children who live near our ministry center in Ngolala, and a youth camp for teens, at the minsitry center as well. 

Our summer interns helped lead the camps, and sent back these great photos for you. Enjoy!

Sponsorship: It Might Just Change Your Life United States
Aug 26, 2013 -

Most of our stories focus on how child sponsorship changes children's lives. But this time, we asked YOU, the sponsors, how sending in $32 a month to help a child has actually changed YOUR life. Everyone had a story to share. Here are a few:

A Girl's Fate, Changed Because of You Malawi
Sikileti and Francisco still live with their grandmother
Aug 26, 2013 -

"Without your support, Sikileti would have been married by now." Chikondi Kadongola's face becomes serious as he sits next to the eighth-grade girl in front of her home in Malawi. As a Children of the Nations (COTN) Village Partnership Program Coordinator, he knows that sadly this is the case for too many girls like her. Unable to afford education, they drop out of school and get married—sometimes as young as thirteen—in order to survive. 

Born for a Purpose: Special Needs Children Serve their Community Malawi
Aug 23, 2013 -

“Will it be great, or total chaos?” wondered Nikki Graham as she looked at all the volunteers. All she could see was a sea of green shirts with “to serve” written across the back in Chichewa, a local language in Malawi. This past August, Nikki and a Venture Team from Summit Church in Orlando, Florida, did something no one had ever done before, as far as they knew.

On Your Mark, Get Set, Help Children in Haiti! Haiti
5K run for Haiti in Orange County, California
Aug 20, 2013 -

Three years ago, Diana Osterhues and Frank Schiro of Santa Clarita, California, went on a short trip to Haiti. They didn't know it at the time, but it was the beginning of a long-term commitment. 

Journey Across Africa: Sierra Leonean Students Begin University in Uganda Sierra Leone
Susan and N'gardy were in COTN–Sierra Leone's first class of graduates in 2012
Aug 19, 2013 -

On Friday, August 9, N'gardy stood at the airport in Freetown, Sierra Leone, for the first flight of her life. She and her classmate, Susan, were taking off for Uganda to realize a goal they would have never dreamed possible, even a few months ago—attending university.

Building a Healthy Future for Ugandan Children Uganda
It’s rare for a child to be seen by a doctor in Uganda because it is so expensiv
Aug 16, 2013 -

The Ugandan children wait anxiously for their medical exam. They aren’t used to going to the doctor so they don’t know what to expect. But when Shannon Carnahan shows them how to place the stethoscope in their ears and then presses the scope to her heart, they quickly forget to be scared.  

Thank You For Camp! Dominican Republic
The camps were divided by age: The first two-day camp was for younger children,
Aug 15, 2013 -

Last week, children of all ages from every community we serve in the Dominican Republic got to go to camp! Because of your generous gifts, more than 700 children were able to attend camp this summer! Here are some highlights: