The Sound of Happy Feet in Uganda Uganda
“For the first time, the dream of wearing strong leather shoes became a reality"
Oct 14, 2013 -

Shoes are very important to children in Africa. Without shoes, children are exposed to dangerous parasites and sharp objects that can cause serious wounds and infections. However, in Uganda shoes are often too expensive for families to buy for their children. 

Children Send God's Word Across the World United States
Oct 11, 2013 -

As soon as seventh-grader Dee walked into the church, he realized he’d forgotten something very important—the pile of coins he’d worked so hard to collect all week. 

Parents Learn to Read, to Help their Children Succeed Dominican Republic
Yaquelin (in yellow pants) proudly marches to her graduation ceremony
Oct 10, 2013 -

Yaquelin hid her face in embarrassment. She had to sign a form for her children at the clinic, but she was afraid she'd give away her secret by doing so. 

“Would You Like to Share My Lunch?” Sierra Leone
Oct 8, 2013 -

God started his work of transformation when Henry Tower was 12 years old, and Henry remembers it perfectly. He was walking through Marjay Town, on the outskirts of Sierra Leone’s capital, with his container of kerosene on his head when he saw Karim. 

The Twelve Days of Christmas, Gift One: Goats! Uganda
Oct 7, 2013 -

After his father died, Peter's family never had enough to eat. "My mother could only afford to buy beans and vegetables—but never meat," he says. Every Christmas, Peter's family would scrape together everything they had for a meal. "We would struggle to buy a little meat, but it was never enough." 

Surprised By Sponsorship Dominican Republic
Kristin and Nicol
Oct 4, 2013 -

One of the biggest surprises about the Dominican Republic was how much I fell in love with the people. They are always in motion, always smiling, always joyous ... oh, and pretty loud.

Building a Future for Children in Haiti Haiti
Oct 3, 2013 -

Despite the thick, humid air, the team presses on. They want to finish building the classroom roof before it rains. 

Video: Give Joy! Uganda
Oct 1, 2013 -

What do you want for Christmas?

Teachers Teaching Teachers to Teach Malawi
The team practiced new phonics strategies with the primary school teachers.
Sep 30, 2013 -

Kim Killinger and her fellow Venture Team members watched as the Malawian teachers opened their gifts. “The twelve teachers slowly peeked into their bags,” says Kim, “and quickly erupted into cheers, African chants, singing, dancing, clapping, high-fiving, and praising.” When Kim and her friends had filled the bags with school supplies, they had no idea just how much those supplies would mean to the Malawian teachers. Kim let tears run down her cheeks, realizing this was more than just a celebration—she’d been a part of something really special.

A Miraculous Surgery for Amaranta Dominican Republic
Sep 27, 2013 -

When Meliana found out that her 14-year-old granddaughter had a severe heart condition and needed surgery to survive, she says, "I trembled with fear."