A Passion for Fashion—And Africa! United States
“Tenneh and I immediately connected,” says Jeanette
Oct 31, 2013 -

Standing in the middle of her clothing sale in Orlando, Florida, Jeanette Scott is a world away from Sierra Leone. But she’s suddenly overwhelmed by memories of this faraway country that she holds close to her heart. Jeanette was there one year ago on a Venture Trip and began sponsoring a girl named Tenneh. But that was just the beginning.

Haitian Children Share How Your Gifts Have Changed Their Lives Haiti
Oct 29, 2013 -

Can you imagine going to school without shoes or school supplies, and wearing old dirty clothing while everyone else was dressed in a clean uniform?

Photos from Our First Trip to the Zoo! Uganda
The class poses at the entrance to the zoo
Oct 28, 2013 -

Imagine living in Africa your whole life ... and never once seeing a lion or a zebra. 

For most children in our care, safaris and trips to national parks or zoos are unaffordable luxuries. So they grow up only hearing about the animals that are native to their country. 

But that changed for the seventh-grade class at Children of the Nations' school in Uganda this month. The students went on their first-ever class trip—all the way to the captial city to see the zoo, Lake Victoria, and Uganda's airport. 

Innocent Begins Serving in Malawi Malawi
After almost a year at medical school in Russia, Innocent was back in Malawi
Oct 25, 2013 -

At age eleven, Innocent was orphaned and living under an oxcart on the streets in Malawi. Today, because of people like you, he is Children of the Nations' first African medical student. He is attending medical school in Russia, and his dream is to return to Malawi to serve his community. But Innocent is not waiting until he graduates to start transforming his nation. This summer, he got a chance to return to Malawi and serve alongside a Venture Team from the United States. He writes about the experience: 

Why Do You Give? United States
Oct 24, 2013 -

Confession: I am a guilty giver.

For most of my life—especially after I visited Uganda for the first time—my financial gifts were motivated by an overwhelming sense of guilt. Guilt over how much I had, compared to how little the children there had. Guilt over the luxuries I enjoyed just by virtue of living in the United States, compared to the struggle that was daily life for an orphaned child in Uganda. 

Fruit Trees Will Bless Generations of Children Uganda
Oct 22, 2013 -

It was raining in Uganda, but that didn’t dampen the girls’ plans. As soon as class was dismissed, they ran out to a patch of land where a Venture Team from Southern California was working hard.

Thank You for the Soap! Dominican Republic
Oct 21, 2013 -

It's amazing the difference a bar of soap can make. 

Your Care Prepares Girls to Change their Country Malawi
The twins know that if they are well-educated, they'll be able to help others
Oct 18, 2013 -

It should have all gone wrong for Flora and Rabecca. The odds were stacked against the twin sisters when they were infants and their parents died. 

A Surprise from My Sponsored Child Malawi
I couldn't imagine leaving Malawi without sponsoring Chimwemwe
Oct 17, 2013 -

I had probably looked at those brown eyes more than a hundred times as I opened and closed my refrigerator door where his photo was clipped. Every single time, I thought about meeting Mphatso, the little boy I began sponsoring earlier this year. 

Give Life This Christmas: Feed a Malnourished Child Sierra Leone
Oct 15, 2013 -

Imagine if, instead of unwrapping a present this Christmas, you could save a life.