Teachers Teaching Teachers to Teach Malawi
The team practiced new phonics strategies with the primary school teachers.
Sep 30, 2013 -

Kim Killinger and her fellow Venture Team members watched as the Malawian teachers opened their gifts. “The twelve teachers slowly peeked into their bags,” says Kim, “and quickly erupted into cheers, African chants, singing, dancing, clapping, high-fiving, and praising.” When Kim and her friends had filled the bags with school supplies, they had no idea just how much those supplies would mean to the Malawian teachers. Kim let tears run down her cheeks, realizing this was more than just a celebration—she’d been a part of something really special.

A Miraculous Surgery for Amaranta Dominican Republic
Sep 27, 2013 -

When Meliana found out that her 14-year-old granddaughter had a severe heart condition and needed surgery to survive, she says, "I trembled with fear." 

Teddy Stays in School, Thanks to You Uganda
Before she joined COTN's child sponsorship program, Teddy worked constantly
Sep 26, 2013 -

Teddy couldn’t focus on her school teacher’s lesson because she was trying to find a way to sneak out. She loved being in school, but her mother had left dinner cooking over the fire, and Teddy was worried. It was the only food Teddy and her family would get to eat that day, and if she didn’t get home soon, it would be burned.

God Looks at the Heart Dominican Republic
Sep 24, 2013 -

As a child in elementary school I don’t recall ever being chosen first for the daily kickball games that took place on the playground. My less-than-amazing running and kicking skills led to my demise, so it made sense why I was usually chosen last. I guess I just kept holding out hope that someday maybe someone would do the unimaginable and choose me first. 

How You’re Putting Malaria in the Past Malawi
Jacklyne says that, thanks to her mosquito net, "there's a big change" in her
Sep 23, 2013 -

The memory of Jacklyne’s last bout with malaria still rests in the back of her mind. But thankfully, that’s all malaria is for her now—a memory. “Since last year, when I got my mosquito net, I’ve never gotten sick from malaria,” she says with a smile. 

Photos from a Wonderful Summer in Uganda Uganda
Having fun at Center Day
Sep 20, 2013 -

Thanks to the generous gifts of sponsors, Venture Teams, and people like you, the children have had an incredible summer in Uganda! As they go back to school this week, they have wonderful memories of Center Days, Art Camp, and the sleep-away camp the children from the Children's Village attended last weekend. 

Here are some of the highlights:

"Using My Talents to Give Back to the World" United States
Rachna has been practicing the art of Bharatanatyam since she was six years old
Sep 19, 2013 -

It’s pitch black on stage except for the spotlight on fourteen-year-old Rachna Deshpande in her colorful Indian sari. As the music begins, she captivates her audience with an ancient Indian dance form known as Bharatanatyam. This is her debut performance. But even though this is one of the most significant moments in Rachna’s life, she wants to share the spotlight with children in Haiti.


Life without a Mosquito Net Malawi
Jacklyne’s siblings had to spend time at the hospital because of malaria
Sep 17, 2013 -

You hear the whiny, high-pitched buzzing and awaken smacking yourself in the ear. But it’s too late. The mosquito has already bitten, and now there’s an itchy little bump on your temple. You try to go back to sleep, but every time you begin to drift off, you hear it again—the worst sound in the world. You swat at the air, clap your hands, but you know that even if you kill the one that just bit you, there are dozens more just like her, waiting for a taste of your blood. 

I Love Baseball Produces Big Results Dominican Republic
If you’re Dominican, baseball is in your blood,” says Ruddy Suero
Sep 16, 2013 -

There’s more to the worn baseball field than meets the eye. It’s the home of Jean Carlos, Leonardo, and Christopher. This past spring these three rising stars were chosen to play in the Dominican Republic national playoffs for their home province of Barahona. For any player this is a high honor. But for the players in Children of the Nations' I Love Baseball program (ILB), this confirms their non-traditional training program is producing big results. 

Cupcakes Spread Joy from Seattle to Africa United States
The children love showing their favorite dance moves during birthday parties
Sep 13, 2013 -

The air is filled with the smell of delicious treats and the entire home is buzzing with excitement. With a flourish, Marietta is directed to the seat of honor and her birthday celebration begins. This is the first birthday party she has ever had. She is overwhelmed by all the presents, good food, and the kindness of her new family at the Chitipi Farm Children’s Home in Malawi. It doesn’t take long before Marietta forgets her shyness and joins her friends in singing and dancing.