Bring Your Planes, Trains, and Automobiles United States
Jun 6, 2013 -

Dave Roberts just found an unusual connection between cleaning out his garage and helping children in Africa. By donating his car to a nonprofit called Donation Line, he was able to raise money for Children of the Nations (COTN).

Peter Reflects on the Transformation in His Life Malawi
Peter (center, in white) and his "brothers" from COTN's Children's Homes
Jun 4, 2013 -

On a recent visit to Malawi, Children of the Nations (COTN) founders Chris and Debbie Clark were amazed to see how much fourteen-year-old Peter has grown, both physically and spiritually. Twelve years ago, Peter came to COTN's Children's Homes  malnourished and severely underweight. 

Clean Water Flows in Ngolala Junction for the First Time! Sierra Leone
Elders pump the well as everyone takes a taste
Jun 3, 2013 -

Deep in the middle of the dry season in Sierra Leone, a group of elders gathered in a circle. They stood in the heat of the day, the dry dust dispersed through the air from so many shuffling feet, and witnessed one of the most momentous occasions in the short history of their small village.

Graduates W.A.S.H. Their Way to a Healthier Future Dominican Republic
Washing hands with clean water
May 31, 2013 -

They gathered from five Dominican slums. Once from rival communities with opposing gangs and enmities that went back for generations, the graduates showed no tension as they laughed and congratulated each other. 

A Hunger for Knowledge: Patrick's Story Uganda
Patrick amazed everyone with the helicopter he built from scratch.
May 30, 2013 -

He was one of those kids. You know, the ones who are always hanging around, with big, hungry eyes. The ones who materialize whenever there is any work—desperate to do something, regardless if there is any monetary compensation. And then as fast as he showed up, he would disappear—no one knew where he lived. 

Your Favorite Letters United States
A child writes to her sponsor from Uganda
May 29, 2013 -

We asked sponsors the sweetest thing their child has ever written them in a letter. Here are some of the words and phrases that have touched your hearts (or made you giggle):

"I just opened my very first letter today... 'I always love your sweet words and encouragement that you give to me.'" -Nancy, COTN Sponsor

Jesus Christ Soccer Star: Athletes Point Children toward God Malawi
The tournament drew hundreds of people to play and watch.
May 28, 2013 -

Hundreds of people came from the nearby villages to the Children of the Nations (COTN) campus in Malawi. It was the first day of a soccer tournament hosted by a Venture Team from Summit Church in Orlando, Florida. Everyone was eager to show off their soccer moves, including COTN’s in-country staff. With a running sports commentary over a loudspeaker, the games began. 

Sisterhood of the Traveling SmilePacks Haiti
The girls loved their SmilePacks, especially Anna's letter
May 24, 2013 -

Have you ever gotten a gift from someone you didn't even know? Fourteen-year-old Freslène of Haiti never had until recently. At first she was surprised as she opened her packet of hygiene supplies, topped off with a personal note and a handmade bracelet. But when she read the note and found out who it was from, it meant even more. 

Your Shoes Reach Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
The shoes you donated will protect the children's feet!
May 23, 2013 -

Last fall, we shared an urgent need with you. All 500 children in our Sierra Leone Village Partnership Program needed new shoes for school. With just a few weeks before our shipping container was scheduled to depart for Sierra Leone, people all over Kitsap County and Seattle rallied. In just days, we watched a huge bin fill as dozens of individuals stopped by our headquarters with their donations.

Welcome to the Family! United States
Juan is one of six children the Trover family decided to sponsor last Christmas.
May 21, 2013 -

Sue Trover wanted her surprise to be the highlight of Christmas day. She waited until all eleven grandchildren had opened their gifts. “The timing was important,” she explains.  Then she gathered the whole family and unveiled the biggest gift of the day—their family would be expanding as they welcomed six sponsored children from Children of the Nations’ (COTN) programs in Africa and the Caribbean.