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Children of the Nations’ child sponsorship program offers you the chance to help children in Africa and the Caribbean through a direct relationship. By sponsoring children in need, you will be helping to provide them with the education, nutrition, medical care, and spiritual guidance they need in order to grow into leaders who will create positive change in their communities. As a sponsor, you also have the opportunity to encourage your sponsored child’s growth through letters, gifts, and even visits to your child’s country.
Browse the profiles below to sponsor a child in Africa or the Caribbean.
Morie Abdulai, Age 3
Mokpangumba, Sierra Leone
Fulayiwelo Abson, Age 10
Chirombo, Malawi
Susan Aceng, Age 10
Anai-Okii, Uganda
Winnie Aceng, Age 12
Anai-Okii, Uganda
Stella Aceng, Age 14
Anai Okii, Uganda
Mercy Aceng, Age 11
Okec Oyere Barapwo, Uganda
Teddy Adilo, Age 11
Anai-Ober, Uganda
Ritah Adongo, Age 11
Anai-Okii, Uganda
Sarah Ajok, Age 13
Anai-Ilwa, Uganda

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Child age and grade are continually being updated. Minor differences may occur.