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$11,007.00 raised ~ goal of: $21,412.00


$10,405.00 To Go


Haiti is in a critical situation. The past few years have been marked by civil unrest, the assassination of their president, a food and hunger crisis, a 7.2-magnitude earthquake, the pandemic, and a tropical storm.

There are so many children in need of care right now. But to reach more of them, we need an in-country grant writer to raise funds.

Many children in Haiti have never known anything but hunger and tragedy. You can give them a second chance, helping them rise out of poverty and lead their country to a better future.

Impact Story

Kervens was sitting in a classroom when a 7.0-magnitude earthquake hit Haiti in 2010. He made it outside, but his leg got caught under a collapsed wall, and it had to be amputated at a clinic hours away. That’s when our staff met him. They flew him and 12 other children to our clinic for continued care.

Over a decade later, many people still live in the temporary homes built for victims. But because of the care Kervens received, he survived his injuries, moved into a safe home with his family, and is getting an education. Kervens says, “I feel my future is secure because Children of the Nations supports me.”

Why Is This Project Needed?

  • An in-country grant writer can work with our staff to identify possible sources of revenue from other organizations, foundations, and programs in Haiti. They can also find organizations for us to partner with, allowing us to provide a wider variety of care, such as care for prosthetic limbs.
  • With more funding, we can expand to new communities in Haiti and help more children escape poverty so they can rise up to transform their nation.


Last year, generous donors gave enough for one year’s salary for a grant writer. It will cost $10,706 to pay for a second year’s salary.


  1. Children in the most desperate need will be given food, clean water, education, and medical care.
  2. A new revenue source will be created in Haiti, allowing us to help more children.
  3. More children will rise out of poverty and step into leadership positions because of access to additional resources and partnerships.


The total cost of this project is $10,706. Right now, children in Haiti have lots of reasons to give up hope. You can bring hope back into their lives, giving them a path forward and a reason to believe in a brighter future.  

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